Finding Your Soulmate with Reiki

by Walter Lübeck

Long before you incarnate again on Earth, you talk over your new life with your friends and guides in the realms of light. Because souls always come down as a team, it is necessary to adjust to each other's needs and wishes to create the best process in which to learn and to solve and to heal problems and karma. This kind of group is called a "soul family." During your next life on Earth, you will meet these people as friends, neighbors, lovers, colleagues, children, parents and other relatives, schoolmates, teachers, and spouses. Some members of this group may appear as spiritual teachers, medical doctors, or psychotherapists. Sometimes the time you have together is very short—but if the person is a member of your soul family, it will be a precious or otherwise important experience for you.

A soul mate is someone who belongs to your soul family of a given incarnation and is closely related to your path—much more closely then the others. A soul mate may appear as a close friend. In this case, your friendship will endure even long periods of time when you cannot meet or talk to each other. As soon as you come together again, you will find that everything is like it had been before. The resonance between the both of you is so strong that space and time cannot interfere. A soul mate may appear as your child, teacher, or spouse. The relationship between soul mates is a very special relationship full of deep understanding and closeness.

A dual soul is even more special, but also more seldom encountered than soul mates. The regular members of your soul family will be around you in one way or another during your life. But if you don't accept what you really are, if you try with all your strength to live the life of another, a life according to the standards of other people, then the members of your soul family will not be close to you. They belong to your path—if you don't walk it, you cannot share your life with them directly. If you don't walk your path, life is frustrating: nobody seems to understand you, nobody seems to care about you, nobody seems to love you. Away from your spiritual path, people cannot understand you because the resonance of your soul to theirs is too low. You are not kin, not meant to be close together-at least in this lifetime.

The closer you keep to your spiritual path, the stronger your relationships with the members of your soul family will be. Once you are on your spiritual path, life becomes easier and more satisfying. It becomes much easier for you to open your heart to these other people, because their heart is open to you. If you move still closer to your spiritual vision-or if you do it for a certain time—you will also meet soul mates. With these people, understanding and sharing is even better than with your soul family.

You might marry one of the soul mates or a member of your soul family who is not that close to you. The relationship will probably not be bad, but it will not really be fulfilling. You will, after a while, feel that something is missing. It is neither your fault nor your partner's fault. You could even stay together happily for the rest of your life. But you will miss something of enormous importance, a kind of love you cannot define, explain, or really communicate. But if you experience it, you will know—there is a paradise on this earth!

To meet a dual soul, you need to be very close to your path, very resonant with the divine, very much conscious about what you really are. Most people need years or even decades to reach that state. During this time, they often marry or establish another kind of stable loving relationship with someone. Because they chose a partner for a long-term relationship while in a state of low resonance with their path, their wife or husband often does not belong to the person's soul family at all, is a normal member of the soul family, or is, at best, a soul mate.

But what if you then meet your dual soul? This is why many people who start to walk the spiritual path decide to end their present relationship after a couple of years or when they have made significant progress with their personal development. If this is so, the end should be made as harmonious as possible, because it's nobody's fault, from a spiritual point of view.

But please think and meditate seriously about that kind of step! You should not part with your husband or wife out of a spontaneous rise of emotion, because you think it will be easier with another partner, or because you think that everything you suffer from is your partner's fault. Also, if you meet someone new, take your time to find out about the truth of this relationship before you step into something that might be very difficult. Consulting an oracle or attending a couple of spiritual counseling sessions will help you to find out what is right and what is wrong for you at the given time.

Keep in mind that if, after having analyzed your situation in depth from a spiritual point of view, you find that you met a dual soul, you will never forgive yourself if you don't relate to him or her.

This is an excerpt from an article in the Fall 2004 issue of the Reiki News Magazine.