Karuna "Team Healing"

by Laurelle Gaia

As Karuna Reiki® continues to evolve, we are presented with greater and greater challenges to listen to Reiki as it guides us through uncharted territory.

The experience that Carol describes here was as profoundly healing for those of us who participated as it was for Carol. It was no accident that we had been drawn together in this specific group. We were all healing karmic issues we had with one another and with Carol.

As anchored as I feel I am in my trust in God's abiltiy to heal through Reiki, I still felt my strength momentarily wavering from the intensity of this session. As we were entering our second hour, I became aware that although we were using every technique we had been taught, there was a key element missing in what was needed to complete this particular healing.

Then I realized that we had become preoccupied with technique, and only needed to ask for assistance. So ask I did. I conversed with the guides, in a rather agitated tone I must admit, and said, "Please help us, give us what we need to complete this healing for Carol now". Instantly the energy in my right hand shifted to an unfamiliar frequency, and I was told to place this energy at the base of her spine. The other members of our healing team were receiving guidance as well, and in a few short moments the healing session was complete.

Karuna Reiki® has afforded me several opportunities to work with teams of healers, in ways never experienced before. Each experience has been profound and deeply healing.

I am in awe of the way we were synchronized in our work, how we each knew perfectly what part we must play, whether it was psychic surgery, channeling Usui or Karuna Reiki®, beaming the group, or anchoring the energy. We were orchestrated perfectly by the Love of God. I am thankful for this opportunity to grow as a healer as Karuna Reiki® evolves and shows us the way.

In the Light of the Creator...We See Only Love

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