Reiki and Automatic Writing

by Colleen Benelli

Longer nights, colorful leaves, and the chill in the air, create within us the ancient awareness of the changing of the seasons. Autumn returns and we feel the internal call to go within and gather our resources. In Native American medicine wheel teachings, it is the time of the "West," the place of inner reflection, the deepening of the self.

Reiki can help us travel deep inside, connect with our true self, and teach us to listen from our hearts. Reiki assists us in reflecting on our lives in a sincere way that can bring us fresh ideas to manifest our dreams and create new solutions to needed changes.

However, often when we reflect on our lives we use our minds instead of our heart, and see ourselves according to the expectations of others, or our culture. We make long lists of all that we have not accomplished or we look at the ways we "should” be, and we make choices that are not in alignment with our real hopes and dreams. This can block us from feeling peaceful, successful, and finding meaning in our daily life.

Using Reiki and a technique called automatic writing; the following exercise can demonstrate how we view ourselves when we listen to our minds, and the difference of how we view ourselves when we listen to our hearts. Automatic writing is simply writing without evaluation. Try not to think about grammar or writing correctly. Just put your pen to the paper and let it flow.

1. In your journal or on a piece of paper, describe yourself.

Stop here and complete step 1 before reading further.

2. Activate Reiki in your hands, if you are Reiki II or higher, invoke the symbols you are attuned to. Activate Gnosa and Iava if you are attuned to Karuna Reiki®.

3. Fill your body, heart, and hands with the divine light from above and from the earth. Surround yourself and fill your hands with the light and Reiki.

4. Place one hand on your third eye (forehead) and one hand on your heart.

5. Give yourself Reiki and ask Reiki to quiet your mind, help you connect to your heart and your true self, and give voice to your inner truth. Ask Reiki to help you remember who you truly are. Do this for at least 10-15 minutes.

6. Now write and describe yourself from your heart.

Notice the difference in the two descriptions. You can use Reiki and automatic writing to help you reflect on your life from your heart. Try this method to ask your true self other questions such as; what are your dreams, what you would do if you could do anything your heart desired, what changes are needed to manifest your dreams, etc.

Reiki is always available to assist us in our daily lives. Reiki illuminates the path before us so we can hear our own truth, make choices from our heart, and create the life of our dreams.