Reiki Helps Suicidal Teenager

Debbie Ryan wrote to tell us about the miracles that had taken place in her life after she took the Reiki Master class.

...First off all my classes are doing far better than I ever dreamed. My intention for taking the class was to heal myself and my family. I sent a lot of Reiki to friends and family and they were blessed with wonderful healings and this is how my business grew. I am a drug and alcohol educator and I gave Reiki I to a 15 year old methamphetamine addicted and suicidal teenager.

This God energy changed this child's life. She is now a Reiki II practitioner and is 16 years old, graduating 2 years early and sends Reiki energy to her friends who are involved with drugs and alcohol. She's manifested wonderful healings with Reiki. What a wonderful gift she passes on to her friends and family. She is able to reach these kids when traditional therapies are ineffective due to lack of caused by drugs and alcohol.

Your books, tapes and Reiki News help all of us get the word out about Reiki. Meeting Your Reiki Guides is one of my favorite tapes to use when teaching. This is a wonderful tool I use in my class. I also purchased the Reiki News article booklet, which answered a lot of questions that many students ask me.

Thank you for your gift of love it has helped many people change their lives. I look forward to more tapes and information from the Reiki newsletter. You are blessed and loved.

We thank Debbie for sharing this story, and wish her continued blessings in her Reiki work.