Dog's Miraculous Transition

by Melinda DeBoer

You may remember the article in the Fall Reiki News about Zeke’s healing from past life trauma manifesting as cancer. We had a really strong, happy August together as I continued his various treatments to free him on all levels. When I returned from the Camp Ronora Retreat, it became apparent that he was letting go of this physical world slowly as he began to eat less

Any of you who have lost a dear pet, know how hard it is to make the decision to "put them down". You don’t want them to be in pain, but as long as they have the will to live you want to help them in every way you can. Round the clock Reiki for four days helped my dog Zeke make his transition with only seconds of pain. It was a beautiful conscious transition. I am grateful for the experience.

As with Zeke’s healing, every detail of his transition was guided by Spirit. God even provided the Reiki practitioners to help me. I met a very gifted Karuna Reiki® Master from Brazil at the Ronora Retreat. It was already in her itinerary to visit Sedona, AZ, so I had invited her to stay with me. That was before I knew Zeke’s condition.

One of the greatest gifts that Zeke gave me was his love and passion for life. It was very hard for him to let go of his body. A psychic friend told me that a special ceremony would help Zeke release to the heart of God and would fill him with wisdom to make his choices. She gave me the details and we followed them. It was a lovely ceremony.

That night as I curled up next to him giving him Reiki, as we did throughout his life, we flew like two eagles right up to heart of God, to the Light. At that moment he experienced pain so I put pain relieving herbs and anointing oil on his feet. I assured him that someone very dear to him would be there to greet him and then he relaxed. Even the night before he made his transition he had so much life force energy in him, that I thought he might be there to greet me in the morning. He was resting peacefully, so I laid on the couch beside him still touching him with Reiki. I slept until 6:50 a.m. At first I thought Zeke was still breathing, he was still warm, but I realized he had just made his transition right before I awakened. He did not want me to see his last breath.

My psychic friend told me that Zeke will be coming back as a new species of Eagle to raise the consciousness of humankind. I already feel his sweet presence with me. Thank you God, Thank you Reiki, Thank you Zeke! Blessed Be, Amen