Your Surging Reiki Finger

by Jessica Miller

In Reiki, one of the ways practitioners are encouraged to draw symbols is with the tip of the middle finger. In the Japanese Reiki Techniques class, one of the major techniques to strengthen one's Reiki involves focusing on tips of the middle fingers. What's so important about the tips of the middle fingers?

The acupuncture point at the tip of the middle finger is called PC-9, and its name is commonly translated "Central Hub".(1) It is associated with the element wood. Wood is associated with the liver, which controls the blood. Since "qi courses inseparably through the body with the blood," there is a natural connection between the strength of this meridian and the qi (chi, ki) in the body.(2)

Even more fascinating was the description. "Though the qi at well-jing points is usually described as small and still like water in a well, numerous sources say that the qi at PC-9 surges forth. Therefore the point name could also be rendered as Central Surge.(3) " What a great description for a point through which we send Reiki energy!

© 1999 Jessica Miller, Printed with Permission

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3 Same as footnote 1.