Creating Prosperity with Reiki

by Laurelle Gaia 

"Prosperity and abundance are my Divine birthright." How long has it been since you have made that statement? Has it been a month, a year, a decade... or never? Maybe intellectually you know that you live in an abundant universe, but do you FEEL it to be true?

Have you noticed the power of the collective creative consciousness recently? How many reports of troubled economic times have you heard since September 11th? How are such reports affecting you? Are you fearful that you may lose your job, or that your clients will stop coming, or that you will need to work harder and will no longer have time for spiritual practice, exercise or your family? If you have worried or felt fear, let me remind you of something a great man once said; "Just for today… do not worry and be filled with gratitude."

There is a reason Usui Sensei used those words in the Reiki principles, which are a foundation for all Reiki practitioners and teachers to blossom from. He recognized the power of our thoughts and our words. We often forget powerful statements like "thoughts are things" or "where the thoughts go, the energy flows". However, they are so very true. Whenever we create anything in our life, we must first have the thought of it. So it is very important to be aware of what we are thinking at all times. If we allow our thoughts to be those of fear and worry, we are empowering the very things we are concerned about to manifest in our life.

As Reiki practitioners we can accept the responsibility of using what we have learned to help the United States and the world to heal any sense of lack that is pervading the collective consciousness so that we all become the prosperous beings and nations that we truly are.

The basics of thought discipline are one factor in prosperity consciousness, but this becomes even more important once we are attuned to Reiki. Reiki has the ability to help us empower our thoughts, unite the mind with the heart, and transmute our words into pure light, and they become even stronger than the mere thoughts themselves.

I invite you to explore just exactly what prosperity and abundance mean to you. They take so many forms. The first thought that usually comes to people is money, or material things; but we know that loving relationships, spiritual practices, and doing work that we enjoy are also among the elements of prosperity and abundance.

Take a few moments and jot down keywords that describe what prosperity and abundance mean to you. When you have your list, take a moment and "tune in" to each word, one at a time. I suggest that you use the Reiki distant symbol to connect to the consciousness each word holds, and the mental/emotional symbol to help you discern how your thoughts and feelings respond.

For example, take that "M" word... money. How do you FEEL when you tune into the energy of money? What do you THINK about money? Do you feel and think... "YES... bring it on, I deserve to have all the money I need to live in a way that is comfortable for me, and that allows me to share with others." Try saying that. How do you feel, and where in your body do you feel the response to that thought? Is there any uneasiness? If so, where does it come from? Do you hear echoes of "money is the root of all evil"... "spiritual people should work for free"... "only special people have money", etc.

Try the same process with all the words on your list. Here are some phrases you might use. "I love my work", "I have a happy and loving marriage", "My children love and respect me", and "I am worthy of the time needed to nurture myself".

Those things that represent prosperity and abundance are available to all of us, not just special people. We each have within us all the answers, skills, and talents needed to create unlimited prosperity on all levels of our being.

We are each blessed with the creative power of the Divine heart-mind connection, and we can learn to work with Reiki to tap into the unlimited abundance that is our birthright. When we develop prosperity consciousness, everything we need to fulfill our highest purpose comes to us with ease.

We can attract anything we want into our life and truly realize our heart's desire.

Money, love, peace, and joy are all simply energy. We usually think of them only as we know them in the manifest plane i.e. what most people believe is reality. However, all things reside in all planes of existence and in all realms of consciousness. Thus, reality is actually multi-dimensional. What we often believe to be reality is simply a projection of how we are currently working with our hearts, minds and energy. We have power and ability to change anything we have created.

There are universal spiritual laws that govern abundance. Within the essence of these laws is the wisdom that that there is an ebb and flow to all aspects of our life. We can also learn that it is as important to receive as it is to give, and to recognize that we are limitless beings. The importance of holding pure intention that we are attracting those things that serve the highest good is also part of the wisdom. We can only experience prosperity if we have the things in our life that are meaningful to us personally, those things that hold the essence of the quality we want in our life rather than a quantity of something.

Humanity is awakening to a soul knowing of the power of the collective creative consciousness, or mastery of the heart-mind connection. We are learning to create a flow, a stream of resources into our lives, all of which support our Divine purpose.

When we feel constrained, or that what we need is not flowing to us with ease, this is a good time to take inventory. What things or elements of our life are we holding in the present that no longer serve us? When we can identify these things, we can then recognize each of them as energy. The energy that they hold is taking up space in our lives; space that could be used to hold new and exciting things that support us in the present moment.

In letting go of the old, we make room for the new. When we have outgrown aspects of our life, it is time to send these things out into the Universe so that they can serve someone else. This may mean that you sell what you don't need, or perhaps you make donations, or release a relationship or a job. Let these things go, and when the releasing process is complete for the moment, pause to experience how you feel. You have just created space in your life to receive the blessings the Universe has for you.

Be sure that in letting go, you are releasing into areas that you feel in harmony with. For example if you feel you have a lack of money in your life, it can be disempowering to become miserly and spend money on only what you feel you "need". It is empowering to share money, even if it is just a little, by spending it on something that enhances your quality of life. By doing this you are putting energy out that empowers others who are working to help humanity awaken to a more peaceful, joyous, prosperous existence. When you do this you make room for money that improves your life to flow in to you as well.

Now you can use Reiki to assist in magnetizing infinite blessings into your life, in the perfect form at the perfect time.

Create a list of the things that you feel will enhance the quality of your life, and support the highest good of all. If you aren't sure what your list should contain, you can use Reiki to help you. Simply use the same process I defined above. Invoke the distant and mental and emotional symbols to make the heart mind connection with each of the things on your list. Pay very close attention to how you feel when you think of them. What is the energetic essence each holds and how do you sense that they will add to the quality of your life?

Once you have your list, you may wish to enter into a 21-day process of magnetizing these things into your life with Reiki. Each day use the distant, mental/emotional and power symbols by drawing them, or visualizing them, or invoking their names. Once you have called the energy in, hold your list in your hands and send the Reiki energy into it. Now, take a moment to verbally acknowledge all the things in your life that you are thankful for. Let the Reiki flow until it slows, stops or feels complete. Of course it is also important to close the session with a prayer.

In closing I would like to remind you of this thought. Just for today, do not worry and be filled with gratitude for all the blessings that are currently in your life, and that are flowing to you every moment.