Reiki in the Office, Part I

by William Lee Rand

If you have Reiki and work in an office, there are many ways you can use Reiki to decrease stress, improve efficiency and enhance creativity. All three of these areas are important to the purpose of any office and therefore important to your boss and the business owner. By using Reiki in the ways mentioned here, you’ll make your job easier and more enjoyable. At the same time, you'll make yourself a more valuable employee and enhance the work environment for your fellow employees as well.

Combining Reiki with Work
You can do Reiki at the same time that you are doing your work. As an example, if you’re entering data into a computer, typing a letter or filling out a computer form, ask Reiki to flow while you perform the task. To do this, draw the power symbol and/or the mental/emotional symbol on your hands before starting the task or project. If you haven’t taken Reiki II yet and don’t have these symbols, just think of Reiki. While drawing the symbols, intend that Reiki will flow the entire time you’re working on the project. As you type or work on your project, allow some of your attention to remain with the flow of the Reiki energy from time to time as it pulses through your arms and hands. This would be similar to the way you might be aware of a cool breeze or the warmth of the sun as you work.

Reiki will flow both to you and to the project you’re working on. You will enter a more relaxed yet alert state. You’ll type more quickly with fewer errors, and you'll get more work done. If it’s a creative project, you’ll be able to solve problems more easily and combine ideas in clever and unique ways to create new processes and techniques. Your memory will also be enhanced, and you’ll be more present and focused on your project. Your communication will be clearer, more effective and to the point, yet contain a greater level of harmony that will be pleasing to those who read what you have written. If you remember to do this often, you’ll get to the end of your workday feeling less fatigued, more refreshed and with a greater feeling of accomplishment.

Reiki and the Telephone
Use Reiki when talking to customers, clients or fellow employees on the telephone. Draw or think of the distant symbol and intend that Reiki flow to you and to the person you’re talking with. You can also add the power and mental/emotional symbols. (This process will work without the use of symbols, just by thinking of Reiki and intending it to flow, but if you use the symbols, it will be more effective.) This will create a wonderful feeling of peace and harmony between you and the other person, and these pleasant feelings will help make your communication more effective. Both you and the person you’re talking with will have a greater tendency to really hear and understand what the other is saying. This will be helpful with all telephone communication, but can be especially valuable when talking to an upset customer or handling difficult calls.

Some might wonder about the appropriateness of sending Reiki to someone who hasn't asked for it and who has no knowledge that it is being sent. Keep in mind that Reiki has its own intelligence and will respect the free will of the other person. If they don’t want it, Reiki will know this and will not force its energy onto the other person. In cases like this, the Reiki energy will remain with you, helping you to remain calm, centered and focused in the moment and able to communicate more effectively. You’ll also be able to deal with difficult situations without being drawn into someone else’s distress.

I suggest you try these two methods of adding Reiki to your office activities and see how you like them. Note the results you get and if you find them useful, remember to use Reiki often. As you do this, the regular use of Reiki will become a habit, a very positive habit that will create noticeable benefits.