Usui's Gift

by William Lee Rand

"If we ourselves remain angry and then sing world peace, it has little meaning. So, you see, first our individual self must learn peace. This we can practice. Then we can teach the rest of the world." 
-The Dalai Lama

Reiki is truly one of the most wonderful things present on the planet at this time. Its positive attributes are many and it is important to clearly understand them in order to fully appreciate just how valuable Reiki is. If we ignore or do not clearly understand its potential, then we may not take the necessary action to fully experience its value.

This is important for us now as conditions on the planet are critical. There are wars, famines, disease, over population, pollution, the destruction of the eco-system, crime, poverty and horrible living conditions. These problems are being experienced by billions of people and are getting worse. These problems have been caused primarily by the decisions people have made on an individual, local and global basis.

The underlying values and beliefs which govern the decision making processes for the planet are in need of a major revision. We need to change our values and beliefs so we can move from a fragmented earth to a whole earth, from an earth motivated by fear to an earth motivated by love, from an earth filled with suspicion and conflict to an earth living in trust and cooperation,

Within Reiki lies the energy and consciousness necessary to make these changes. As the number of Reiki practitioners grows, Reiki is destined to be a major factor in solving the problems of the world, and facilitating the shift to world peace and harmony that is needed, but only if Reiki is used wisely.

Lets look at some of the qualities that Reiki possesses so we can more clearly understand the role it can play in global healing. Reiki is a spiritual healing technique that is unique. When we look at other healing techniques, we find that often years of practice are necessary in order to develop skill. Many of these other techniques are like martial arts requiring discipline, focus, meditative skill and natural ability in order to do well.

Your Responsibility to Heal

While Reiki energy comes to us as a gift, in order to gain its full benefit, one must take responsibility for one's healing and self-improvement. This means that one must be willing, with the help of Reiki, to learn the lessons that one's problems and/or illnesses have to offer, have the willingness to grow and be dedicated to one's life purpose. A change in one's habits, attitudes and often one's beliefs are necessary if lasting benefits are to come.

However, unlike other healing techniques, Reiki does not require discipline or years of training to receive healing ability or to use it. Rather, Reiki comes to us as a gift. (This is true for the practitioner levels as well as for the Master or teaching level wherein one can pass Reiki on to others.) The ability to do Reiki comes immediately to the student upon receiving the attunement. During the attunement, the ability to channel Reiki comes from the Higher Power, passes through the Reiki teacher and into the student. The attunement energy is guided by the Higher Power and makes adjustments within itself for each student so that each receives exactly what they need in order to begin channeling Reiki. During the attunement, the Higher Power actually adjusts and heals the students chakras and energy field and connects the student directly to the source of Reiki. After the attunement, all that is necessary for the student to channel healing energy is to place one's hands on oneself or a client and the healing energy begins flowing automatically. This gift is a direct expression of grace from the Higher Power. Because of this, the attunement process is a very sacred and spiritual experience.

When one does Reiki healing, the energy is guided by the Higher Power and does not require direction from the practitioner. Therefore, there is no concern about whether the healing is being done properly as the Higher Power always guides the healing energy in a way that is exactly appropriate for the client. Because the Higher Power is guiding the healing process, the practitioner cannot take responsibility for the results. Therefore, one's ego is not so easily inflated by the healing and it is much easier for both the practitioner and client to give full credit to the Higher Power for the value that is received. This process encourages one to trust in the Higher Power, thus enhancing one's spiritual growth.

Because the ability to receive Reiki is free of any requirements on the part of the student, all that is necessary is for the student to want to receive the ability and for the student to attend a Reiki class and receive the attunement. Because of this, the ability to do Reiki can be received quickly by anyone during a weekend class.

Another wonderful aspect of Reiki healing is that the energy does not come from the practitioner, but comes from the unlimited source,the Higher Power. This means that the practitioner's energy is never depleted. In fact, a practitioner's energy level actually increases when she or he channels Reiki. This is because the Higher Power considers both the practitioner and the client to be in need of healing and both receive a treatment. Therefore, the practitioner always feels better after giving a Reiki treatment!

In Reiki II a person receives the ability to send Reiki treatments to others at a distance. This allows them to treat others no matter where they are located. It is also possible to send Reiki to heal negative situations and for whole groups of people to work together to send at the same time, thus greatly increasing the effectiveness. Using distance Reiki, it is possible for large numbers of Reiki practitioners to pool their channeled energy and send Reiki to local and world trouble spots thus creating a significant contribution toward solving global problems.

It is clear from the above description that Reiki is a healing force of unprecedented value. It can be learned quickly by anyone, is guided by the Higher Power, does not deplete the practitioner's energy, can be used to treat self and others and can be sent at a distance to heal others or sent by groups to heal local and global situations. The essence of Reiki healing energy is love, peace, harmony, cooperation and trust, therefore, it contains the very qualities that are needed to solve the problems of the earth. The fact that Reiki can be learned quickly by anyone makes it a natural solution for the suffering now being experienced all around us. If Reiki is learned by enough people and those people work together to send Reiki to local and global problems those problems can be turned around and a condition of harmony and peace among the world's people will result.

It is the purpose of The International Center for Reiki Training to act on this awareness and focus its resources to make Reiki available to all people and to inspire and motivate them to actively use Reiki to solve personal, local and global challenges. In order to do this we actively promote the following conditions.

1.  Co-operation between all Reiki practitioners and organizations. Before Reiki can bring harmony to the earth, there must be harmony between all Reiki healers.

2.  Reasonable fees for all levels so that everyone can learn it.

3.  Well organized classes.

4.  Motivation for all Reiki practitioners to work together to use Reiki regularly to solve personal, local and global challenges.

In order to promote the above conditions, The Center has opened a Web site on the internet. The internet is a global computer network. Anyone with a computer and software can connect to the Web and make use of our web site. Our Web site will be making Reiki information available to everyone and be facilitating the focus of distant Reiki to solve global challenges.

As the number of Reiki practitioners who use Reiki together in harmony increases, the effectiveness of each person's Reiki healing abilities increases. While there are now at least 500,000 people in the world with Reiki, the real secret of healing power is when people work together in harmony to realize a common healing goal. This causes the total energy channeled to increase geometrically and also increases the vibration. There is tremendous healing power available for us as our numbers increase. Think what will happen when 5,000 people channel Reiki together and focus on a world crisis. The people who make decisions about the crisis will be affected and the consciousness of everyone concerned will raise, thus creating the shift necessary to bring the crisis to an end quickly.

Dr. Usui's original purpose in rediscovering Reiki was to end suffering. We are now witnessing much more suffering in the world today than in Dr. Usui's time. These conditions are likely to increase as the worlds population grows from its present 5.7 billion to a projected 7 billion in the next 15 years. The gift of Reiki that Dr. Usui was given and has passed on to us, now has more potential value than ever before. It can be used to make a significant difference in solving the challenges we now face on earth. In fact, if used wisely, Reiki has the potential of healing the whole world. Now more than ever, we must honor Dr. Usui's purpose and work together in harmony to end suffering and bring about the transformation that the earth so dearly needs.