Harmony in Your Reiki Community

by Laurelle Gaia

What is the climate in your Reiki community? Do the practitioners and teachers know one another and work together, or do they avoid each other, gossip about one another, or behave like competitors?

A very short time ago, the Reiki community in Louisville, Kentucky was not unified. Some felt competitive with others, teachers didn't understand each other's style, or class content, and some were wishing for a connection with others that was illuminated by the true way of Reiki.

I prayed to find people who would like to connect in a positive way to share Reiki in a regular Healing Circle. I did a small mailing to promote one of my classes, and was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from another Reiki Master, who had recently moved here from New York, Kathie. She said "I am already a Reiki Master, so I'm not really interested in classes, but I knew your letter was important, and I feel we should meet." We met and bonded instantly. She did ultimately take the classes we offer through the Center because she had been looking for an organized, consistent format to share with her students, and liked our program. Kathie is a self-described networker, and put me in contact with many wonderful people.

As the weeks went by, we expanded our awareness, and activated our Reiki "antennae" looking for others who might be interested in working together to build harmony in our community. We made it known that our belief is that the Universe has an infinite supply of everything we need, therefore there is no need for competitiveness. If we work in the true spirit of Reiki, sharing our love, light and knowledge openly, we will receive abundance on all levels of our lives. If we say only kind things about one another, we enhance the spirit of Reiki everywhere.

When Kathie and I felt that we had made enough contacts to begin, we created a mission statement for the group, and a format for our first meeting. Our mission is to promote a spirit of cooperation between Reiki practitioners and teachers, to share information, to practice Reiki on one another, and to join together for universal and personal healing projects. The first meeting was attended by 18 people, and the second 26, and we have had many calls by others who want to attend our next meeting, and bring friends. One of the group members said next meeting we will need an auditorium, and next year the fairgrounds. We won't be surprised to see that happen.

If you would like to start a circle in your community, you may be interested in our meeting format. We open with brief introductions, then we join our hearts and minds together in prayer, asking that our mission of promoting harmony be accomplished in this meeting. Two Reiki Masters lead the group discussion, and there are one or two brief instructional sessions. There is time to share Reiki stories, and miracles since the last meeting. Then we break up into groups of 4 or 5 and do 10 minute Reiki treatments on each other. The last 1/2 hour is group distant healing, and a Universal prayer circle closes our meeting. The group energy is powerful and beautiful, and we recognize what a blessing it is to share our community with one another.

If we are truly to build harmony throughout the Reiki community around the world, we must focus on becoming a united light. If your community doesn't have Healing Circle, take the first step and start one. If your community already has a group, go to the meetings, share your love and do your part to create peace and healing.

In the Light of the Creator We See Only Love

United We are Limitless - More on Harmony in the Reiki Community

In the last issue of "Reiki News" I wrote an article on contributing to harmony in the Reiki community by organizing a special Reiki circle for that purpose. We have received letters and many comments from readers about this article. Some people have already implemented a circle in their area, some are just beginning, and looking for others to network with. I would like to share a few more ideas that have worked for us here in the Louisville, Kentucky area, and some exciting things that are happening for us. First, it is important to openly state the mission of the group, which is currently, "To Promote harmony in the Reiki Community, honor all practitioners and teachers, and to work as a United Light for Universal Healing." Create a flyer, or poster that openly states your mission and put it on bulletin boards at churches, health food stores, book stores, coffee shops, colleges, anywhere you feel guided. When people read the mission of your group, they are attracted by the intent and purity of the energy behind it. You only need to reach a few people at first, because they will tell their friends, and the group will grow.

Amazing things are happening for our group, simply because we have come together. We have progressed from people being skeptical of one another, perhaps fearful, to openly sharing ideas, techniques, and working together to promote Reiki and healing.

If we focus on our individual Reiki practices, there is only so much we can do, only so many people we can help each day. When we focus on our individual practices, we limit our ability to promote Reiki, to our personal perceptions of time and money constraints.

When we work as a group, we can make the community aware of Reiki more quickly. The more people who understand the value of Reiki, the more in demand our work becomes. There are many more people on this planet in need of healing, than there are healers. What can you do in your community to build awareness of Reiki? Our group here in Louisville, named ourselves "United in Healing". We signed up for a booth at the Women's Expo at a shopping mall. Our group split up into 3 hour shifts, and covered the booth all weekend. We gave mini-treatments, and shared information about Reiki. At times people were overflowing into the aisles waiting for their treatment. It was great!!

We went as a group to one of the hospitals, and spoke before the fibromyalgia support group and gave Reiki treatments to the many interested people in the group. We are organizing volunteer efforts at the medical school. Our future possibilities are LIMITLESS, when we work as a United Light.

It might be difficult for one person, to pay for a booth at the expo, and to cover all the hours alone. As a group we share the responsibility and the rewards, and we can reach so many more people. When we work as a group, those in attendance at the expo, see several enthusiastic loving, professional practitioners at work. They receive a list of all the participating practitioners. This shows the public that there are many people using Reiki, which adds to its credibility.

Our effort to reach the masses with the message of Reiki, is creating clients for everyone who participates. We become truly successful when we cooperate with the Universe. Acknowledge the law of prosperity and abundance, recognize that there is an infinite supply of everything we need, when we cooperate with the energy, and are open to receive that which we give. This opens us to limitless, infinite blessings from the Universe.

Each time someone shares or promotes Reiki, everyone is helped.

In the Light of the Creator We See Only Love