Reiki Healing Attunement Gets Results

by Margaret Dexter

I had been experiencing severe abdominal pain at increasingly frequent intervals with no idea what was causing the pain. The first couple of times the pain occurred, it awakened me in the middle of the night and kept me pacing the floor for hours. I blamed it on overeating or eating the wrong things or in the wrong combinations. Then it began to happen during the day and for no apparent reason. Having just supported my Mother through her final illness with colon cancer, I began to imagine far worse causes.

I was grateful that the pain only seemed to come when I was alone because I did not know how I would handle it if I were with others. Then the pain began when I was in a Reiki Master workshop. I had to leave the room for awhile and then was attempting to sit and listen.

Our teacher, Laura Ellen Gifford, was teaching us to do the Reiki Healing Attunement. I have been a Reiki practitioner since 1987 and an independent Reiki Master since 1995, but the healing attunement was new to me. It is a process developed at The International Center for Reiki Training. The technique is similar to that of an initiatory attunement, but it does not open the recipient to channel Reiki. The purpose of the Healing Attunement is to increase the energy available for healing, and help dissolve any energetic resistance around the client, so the Reiki energy can work more quickly and more deeply.

Laura, observing my discomfort, asked me if I would like to receive a Healing Attunement. I gratefully accepted, and she began.

She started by helping me get deeply in touch with the issue involved. I was surprised to learn, from my inner guidance, that it was resistance to new teachings. I really thought I was open to learn the new material, but at some level I was not. Laura proceeded with the Healing Attunement process, the pain completely disappeared and it has not recurred.

I am so excited about the Healing Attunement. I use it frequently in my own sessions, and have had wonderful results. The energy of the Healing Attunement is beautiful and my clients and I just love it. When I use the Healing Attunement before a standard table session, the results are much more powerful than with a table session alone. I am very grateful that I was able to release the resistance to new teachings and put this powerful technique in my Reiki toolbag.

This Reiki Healing Attunement technique is taught on day two of our Reiki Master class.