Karuna Reiki®, Reiki Evolving

by Laurelle Gaia

I have received many questions about Karuna Reiki® from those who wonder about the concept of multiple Reiki practices and their purpose and intent, as well as, questions regarding the differences between Karuna and Usui Reiki. In this article I share with you my personal experiences of Karuna Reiki®.

I was a little skeptical of a new system, after all Usui Reiki is the love of God and it has transformed my life, why would I need anything else? My inner guidance told me, for over a year, this new system was not for me. Then one day I was almost driven to pursue it.

I feel that all things on this planet are evolving, including Reiki. There is also a lot of less than light information and energy out there too. It was my diligent use of Usui Reiki daily, for many years, that strengthened my inner guidance to the point that I feel my powers of discernment are very keen. I was guided to study Karuna Reiki® and I have not regretted it for a moment.

Knowing that Reiki is evolving; it seems right to me that something as powerful as Reiki, which facilitates such wonderful healing experiences and manifests so purely in the form of unconditional love, would itself find ways to help us continue to grow. As we grow and heal with Reiki, our vibration changes, and we become more infused with light.

In this lighter state of being we benefit from higher vibrational energies. We are not yet able to infuse the full light of the Universe into our beings. I am open to energies that assist in bringing me closer to this as a reality. For me Karuna Reiki® was the next step.

So, how is Karuna Reiki® different from Usui Reiki?

When receiving Usui Reiki:

I feel relaxed, peaceful and very open to Divine Guidance. Usui Reiki increases my awareness of the way God works in my life. Usui Reiki, is my connection to the highest and most holy spiritual energies. Usui Reiki is unconditional Love. Usui Reiki is gentle and peaceful, but very powerful. Usui Reiki is a conduit for Karuna Reiki® to flow through.

When receiving Karuna:

My first impression was, Karuna Reiki® is very serious, let's get down to business energy. Karuna Reiki® energy goes very deep, gently, but quickly. I find myself vibrating at a rapidly increasing rate, I feel like I am more light than I am flesh. The first few times I received a Karuna treatment I felt myself rise out of my body, and I was taken into the symbols used. One repeated occurrence has been that I have seen flashes of traumatic experiences in this life, and from other times. They appear before me as if I am looking through a picture window. The image briefly comes into focus so I am clear on what I am seeing, and then a beam of white and gold light pierces the images and shatters them into zillions of pieces, which immediately become pure light. When I had these experiences I also felt and at times saw physical releases within my body. I also experienced deep physical and emotional healing.

Without going into the details of my personal healing issues, let me say that Karuna has been as profoundly transformational for me as Usui Reiki , and I feel that it has come into my life to assist me in my growth. In this sense they are the same, but I wasn't ready for Karuna 8 years ago, I was ready for Usui Reiki. Usui Reiki helped me in countless ways, and it still does each day. Karuna Reiki® has proven to be equally beneficial, just in other ways on other levels.

Another thing I would like to share is how multi-dimensional Karuna feels to me. I feel it working simultaneously on the emotional, mental and physical bodies, and it has shown me layers in my energy field and within my consciousness that go beyond anything I can intellectually comprehend.

Karuna Reiki® takes me to that space beyond form, color, time and sound that just cannot be described within the constraints of words except perhaps, the purest sense of peace, and total love I have ever felt. Those words don't even do it justice.

I have had sensations of Karuna Reiki® reaching into other times, connecting with karmic issues, and flashing through incarnations linking them and bringing the related lessons to my conscious awareness, and offering me the opportunity to transmute it in the moment. So in this sense, I feel it very gracefully transcends time and space on many levels simultaneously.

I have also used Karuna Reiki® to do spirit release work with land. I shared this story in the Winter 96 issue of Reiki News. The power Karuna Reiki® offers for this type of work is unlimited.

Giving a Karuna Treatment: The process of giving a treatment is very similar to giving an Usui treatment. I however, feel a clearer connection to my guides, and have been introduced to other spiritual beings that I did not have knowledge of before Karuna. My clairvoyance has increased since working with Karuna.

The healing that has taken place within my family since I began teaching Karuna has been my greatest blessing. I am just beginning to learn the far reaching potential Karuna has for healing our individual families, segments of society, the human family, and all creation. I feel the true power of Karuna is just beginning to unfold.

In the Light of the Creator... We See Only Love

Karuna Reiki® is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.