Intuition 101: Basics for Beginners

by Amy Rowland

Ask Spirit for What You Want
Connect to God or Spirit in your own way and ask for help in becoming more intuitive. Ask your Angels to work with you to help you to open up to receive Spirit's guidance. Ask them to help you to become comfortable with the process. Ask them to help you to learn how to distinguish guidance from wild guesses, genuine intuitive flashes from the projection of imaginary fears. And remember to say "thank you!"

Expect to be intuitive
Your belief and expectations help create your reality. Expect to be increasingly intuitive and you will be. You can use affirmations, visualizations, meditation, and even crystals to help you hold your intention.

Honor your guidance
Spirit delights in beckoning you forward on your path by presenting you with shimmering glimpses of your true enlightened and empowered nature and the future you can manifest. When you feel that you are being drawn toward someone or something that is for your highest good, don't analyze, argue, or second-guess. Follow the impulse forward, trusting Spirit, and see what unfolds.

Be grateful for the guidance you receive
Feeling gratitude always opens us up to experience even more good in our lives. However fleeting or fragmentary the flash of intuition you experience, be thankful for it and use the insight in the best way you know how. Record it in a journal as well, so you can appreciate the progress you are making over time.

Be patient with the learning process
For most people, becoming intuitive is a process of years, not weeks or days. And some of us need to do considerable self-healing to clear away skepticism and self-doubt. Some of us need to de-clutter our inner and outer worlds of "stuff" that we are holding onto from the past to have clarity in the present. And some of us need to learn to really let go of the stress of the day so that our minds are at peace and our emotions are calm when we ask for guidance. It's tough for us to "get" messages from Spirit when we aren't willing to give Spirit our quiet time and undivided attention as we "tune in."

Be light-hearted -- and don't give up!
When a baby is learning to walk, he falls all the time - and family members laugh and praise him for the effort and encourage him to try again. The baby gets right back up, smiles, and walks a few steps further before he falls again. He doesn't give up, and eventually, he walks beautifully. If we can allow ourselves to acknowledge that we are just like babies learning to walk as we practice using our intuition, and be playful and lighthearted with the process, we'll enjoy each moment more fully and have fun!

Practice, practice, practice!
Use every opportunity that comes to you to go to your inner guidance: "All right, let me see now if I can guess who is going to be on the other end of the phone before I pick it up?" "Which street has the perfect parking place just waiting for my car?" "Gee, I know my friend is sitting somewhere in this auditorium. If I close my eyes and connect to Spirit and ask to feel her presence, can I 'see' where she is sitting?"

Be in harmony with Spirit
We can know we are in harmony by looking for synchronicities and listening to our intuition. Synchronicities are Spirit's external signposts that give us direction in our personal lives; intuition is the inner guidance. We can also come into harmony by stopping any sense of struggle, breathing deeply, doing Reiki, and relaxing. As we feel the flow of Spirit-guided life force energy, we can shift our consciousness into knowing that our lives are in order and unfolding according to the divine plan.

This is just part of the article which appeared in the Winter 2003 issue of  Reiki News Magazine.