Reiki for Batteries

by William Lee Rand

Here’s a very helpful and practical idea. Reiki can actually be used to charge batteries! This includes cell phone batteries, camera batteries, car batteries and other kinds of batteries. Some may think this an unusual statement, but experience shows it to be true; all that’s necessary to prove this to yourself is to try it. Over the years, we’ve received many stories about charging batteries with Reiki and there’s also a scientific hypothesis to explain why it works.

Many devices that use batteries have meters that show how much electrical charge the battery is holding. This is the case with cell phones and cameras; the meter will give you an immediate indication the technique is working as the number of bars indicating battery charge will go up! Because of this, this amazing technique makes your cell phone or camera into a Reiki meter that physically measures the results of your Reiki energy!

This is a simple technique. The next time your battery is low, just remove it, hold it in your hand, draw Reiki symbols over it (if you have symbols, if not just use straight Reiki) and hold both hands over the battery as you give it Reiki. Do this for 5-10 minutes or so. Then replace the battery and check the number of bars. They will often go up. If the battery didn’t have enough energy to operate your phone or camera often it will after giving the battery Reiki.

Here is one hypothesis on why this works. Studies done by Robert N., Miller, an industrial research scientist have shown that healing energy emitted from the palms of healers has the ability to lower the surface tension of water. When the surface tension of water is lowered, it can interact with other chemicals more easily. This allows any chemical energy remaining in a battery to be processed into electrical energy more easily.

Here are a few stories
I was teaching a class in Glastonbury, England and mentioned this method of charging cell phone batteries in class. During the break, one student attempted to call her husband but her cell phone battery was dead. We both worked on it giving it Reiki and sure enough, when she placed the battery back in the phone, it had enough energy for her to make the call. Her husband was skeptical of Reiki but when he found out how his wife was able to call her he had second thoughts.

At another class in Glastonbury, we were walking to the Tor, a sacred hill in the area. One of the students was disappointed as her camera battery was completely dead and she wanted to take pictures. I asked her to remove the battery and I then proceeded to give it Reiki using a Karuna symbol. I could feel special frequencies of energy flowing into the battery and when she placed it back in the camera, it turned on and she was able to use it. The screen worked and it had plenty of power. She was able to use it to take pictures for the next three days!

A friend of mine who is always helping others was driving down the highway and noticed a motorist pulled over on the side of the road with the hood up. So he pulled over to see if he could help. The driver said he was an auto mechanic and had done very thing he could think of to get the car started with no success. My friend asked him to sit behind the steering wheel so he could try a few things. The driver protested and insisted the he was quite sure nothing could be done to get the car started. Even so, my friend encouraged him to go ahead anyway so he did. With the hood up, the driver couldn’t see what he was doing. He proceeded to draw the Usui power symbol over the battery and give it Reiki. After 10 minutes or so, he asked the driver to try to start the car. He turned the key and the car started right up! The driver was very excited and perplexed and demanded to know what he had done to get it started. My friend just said he had played with the wires as he didn’t think the driver would have believed him.

Go ahead and try this technique and you’ll have your own Reiki story to tell.