Reiki and Surgery

by Mary Sturgis

My sister Nancy was scheduled to have her uterus removed and her bladder repaired on January 27th this year. She arranged six weeks off from her work for her recovery. Nancy is a Reiki II practitioner, so as soon as she knew this procedure was needed, she started to do full self treatments and sent Reiki to her doctor and all people she would have contact with while in the hospital.

Nancy had given her self at least 15 full treatments before the day of surgery and I had sent Reiki to her and the relationship she has to her body as well as all the people that would be involved in her surgery. Surgery was scheduled to last at least 3 hours, if there were no complications, because Nancy is diabetic. Well the doctors were surprised at how quickly the surgery went and Nancy was out in one and one-half hours.

This took place late on a Wednesday. During recovery Nancy used self-administered pain medication for only 24 hours. Nancy used her pain that she had when she coughed to open her learning experience by bringing the energy of the pain to her heart center and surrounding it with love. From this space she let go of negative feelings of pain and brought it to a fuller living experience.

On Saturday afternoon, Nancy was released from the hospital. The biggest surprise was that she had her catheter removed that morning and would not have to be sent home with it in. Most other patients need the catheter in for up to two weeks while the bladder heals. Nancy was so excited about this, as this had been a fear of hers. Nancy is now enjoying her time at home and using it as a powerful spiritual tool for self growth.

She continues her daily Reiki treatments and has found new messages in her meditations and dream time since she set this time aside for communing with self.