The Distant Healing Symbol

by Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN

In my first article on the Reiki symbols, I wrote about the power and the mental emotional symbol and the many ways they could be used. Now I would like to write about my favorite Usui Reiki symbol—the distant healing, or absentee healing symbol. Although many find it a challenge to memorize or draw, once you are attuned to the symbol, it works even if drawn incorrectly, as long as you do your best. Your intent is 99% of the work.

 One thing to remember is that you don’t have to draw the symbol when you use it. You can visualize it as a whole. Or just say its name 3 times. That invocation gets the energy flowing.

Another thing to remember is that the distant healing symbol is made from Japanese kanji characters: words from the Japanese language. This accounts for some of the different ways it is drawn. One of the beliefs is that when Mrs. Takata taught her original 22 masters, she varied the strokes as she drew them depending on the person’s individual vibration and what she was intuitively guided to do. Another reason for the variations in this symbol is that she did not allow the original 22 to take notes or to keep the paper that the symbols were drawn on. They had to memorize them. So perhaps over time, their “memory” of the symbols changed.

The strokes have a flow to them and can be broken into parts to help you memorize them.

The symbol I use has 22 strokes. I am a visual person and learn best by “seeing” images. I will try to describe how to separate the parts to make it easier to visualize and work with. (If you would like a copy of the Reiki symbols Click Here.)

Break the distant healing symbol up this way to learn its parts. Do strokes 1-5, 6-10 followed by 11 and 12, then 13-15, 16-18, then 19-22

Here are some visuals to help you picture it. 
Strokes 1 through 5 - looks like a cross on the roof of a church. 
Strokes 6 through 10 - 6 makes a foundation or floor and 7 slides down to the left (like skiing). 
Strokes 8, 9, and 10 build a little house. 
Stroke 11 is inside and is the handle or door opener. 
Stroke 12 is the floor of the house. 
Then you make an F. 
Stroke 12 is the top of the F. 
Stroke 13, 14, and 15 are parallel to 13 (and smaller)
Then a mustache: Stroke 16 to the left and 17 to the right.
Stroke 18 is the mouth underneath them.
A large fancy 7
A smile and 21 & 22—twinkling eyes of Reiki

See if this helps you visualize and memorize it better.

If you still have difficulty drawing this symbol, you might want to consider working with its essence—the building of a bridge to connect the Reiki energy to the person not physically present. What I like to do when I send Reiki to people or to situations, is to imagine the symbol laying down and acting like a golden, or rainbow colored bridge, that allows the Reiki to come in through me and travel across the symbol (the bridge) to the other person, place, or situation.

One time, when I was attending an ART class and we were meditating on the symbols, I saw the distant healing symbol laying down in front of me, and as I walked across it, I saw myself as a 7 year old, a 14 year old, a 21 year old, etc. As the meditation continued, I traveled back in time and brought that 7, 14, 21 etc. year old back with me to present time, to reclaim those aspects of myself, to heal issues around those ages, and to make myself whole. Needless to say, it was a very powerful meditation!!

The distant healing symbol can be translated to mean, “The Buddha in me reaches out to the Buddha in you to promote enlightenment and peace.” I have also seen it translated as “The Christ in me reaches out to the Christ in you to promote enlightenment and peace.”

Both speak to coming from the best part of ourselves (some say higher self) and connecting (through Reiki) to the best part (or higher self) of others.

The distant healing symbol is basically used to send Reiki at a distance. It bridges time and space. It can be used to send Reiki to the past, the present, or the future. The distant healing symbol can be used to send Reiki anywhere in the world!!

When we send Reiki to the past, we are not looking to change it. We cannot. Instead, we are looking to heal the damage, the emotions, or the pain that remains today. We are attempting to reframe the experience so that we can consider any difficult situation as part of our path and a learning experience. We send Reiki so that we can release the pain and move on with our lives. Reiki offers new choices and actions.

If you want to heal a past situation, you can get a picture that represents that time in your life (the people, the situation), draw the distant healing symbol over it, and beam Reiki to it. Or, you can hold the picture between your hands and send Reiki that way. You could also write the name of the person, or describe the situation, on a piece of paper, draw the distant healing symbol over it, and send Reiki by beaming or holding it between your hands. This can be done on a daily basis.

This can also be done with goals. Since a goal is usually something in the future, you can use the distant healing symbol to help you achieve your goal. What I have found is that if you send Reiki to your goal, you will find that you might just “be in the right place at the right time”, information may come to you easily, the right people that can help you appear, or achieving the goal is a lot easier than you thought.

To send Reiki to your goal, you can use an index card and just state your goal or write a description of it. Draw the distant healing symbol over it, and, like above, you can beam it Reiki or hold the index card between your hands and let the Reiki flow.

For people that are trying to eliminate unhealthy habits, this can help every time you get a craving. If you take out the index card, do Reiki, just the action breaks the chain and helps you to overcome the craving. Do this for at least 21 days. Some say that it takes 21 days to break a habit or develop a new one.

If, after awhile, you notice that achieving your goal seems to be blocked, it may just mean that there are more layers to heal before your goal can be achieved. Or, that your goal might not be in your best interest. Sometimes better things than we asked for are coming so we can’t limit ourselves to only one outcome. When working with goals I usually say, “this, or something better” and then I release it to Divine wisdom and Divine timing.

If you feel that you are blocked, you can draw or visualize, the distant healing symbol over yourself, and say…”I now send Reiki to the part of myself that needs to heal in order for me to achieve_________.” Give yourself Reiki, and be open and listen and watch for answers.

Reiki can be sent to future events. Remember that Reiki will not work to control people or situations: it works to bring about the best outcome for all concerned.

You can send Reiki ahead for doctor’s appointments, dentist’s appointments, surgery, interviews, important discussions, clients on their way to you, making a presentation, students in your class, the weather, workshops, traveling, tests, etc.…the list is endless.

Some people say that sending Reiki ahead is like call waiting: it is there waiting for you.

My favorite way of sending Reiki is when I travel. When I am sitting on the airplane, preparing for takeoff, I visualize the distant healing symbol laying down in front of the plane on the runway. It becomes a golden bridge. Reiki flows from the symbol in front of and under the plane, guiding its flight. Then I visualize the power symbol at the nose of the airplane, and imagine the spiral part of it coming down over the plane, including the wings, and tail, surrounding the entire plane creating a cocoon of safety (this can be done for travel by car as well.). I also send Reiki to the entire“trip” so that my luggage gets transferred correctly and arrives with me; I find the place I am going easily, etc.

When I travel to teach, I send Reiki to the entire workshop, all the people that are coming, the place where the class is held, etc. I have a flyer for all my classes so I just hold that in my hands and send Reiki. I also do this for any presentation that I do. When I am attending a lecture or workshop, I send Reiki to the teacher or lecturer. I visualize the distant healing symbol, and beam Reiki towards the person, as a way of saying thanks for the wisdom they are sharing.

When I send Reiki for surgery (for myself or anyone else) I visualize the operating room and see it filled with Reiki (like a white mist in the room.) I see the surgeon’s hand surrounded with Reiki so that he/she will operate with skill. I see the anesthesiologists, the nurses, and anyone else in the room, also surrounded by Reiki. Sometimes it looks like angels are all around the person.

You can generally write down the date, time, and event on and index card, and send Reiki that way. Or, you can visualize the situation, and see it surrounded in a Reiki cocoon of energy. There are no right or wrong ways to send Reiki. Have fun. Be creative.

People often ask me if you have to have the permission of the person to send Reiki. I usually do because the person has requested it. However, those who can’t ask (people in a coma, people in an ambulance), I usually just say a prayer asking for permission to send it. Usually I get a warm feeling that means its okay. Sometimes when a person comes into my awareness, it is my belief that they are in my consciousness for a reason. So I stop, say the prayer, and send Reiki. I ask that if they don’t want it or won’t accept it, that it goes somewhere that it is needed. I also send Reiki when I see reports of disasters on the news (I beam the TV), I pass an ambulance, or I see an accident on the road. I also send Reiki to mother earth to thank her and help her heal. I also send Reiki to Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Takata to thank them for bringing Reiki to us.

One important point about sending Reiki is that it cannot be used to change people or their behaviors. That is their choice and their decision. What Reiki is sent for is the best possible outcome. So what happens is not up to us. The wisdom of Reiki knows what is best for the person and acts accordingly.

There are many, many ways to send Reiki using the distant healing symbol. Enjoy the journey. Be creative. Have fun. Remember that Reiki is “…the secret art of inviting happiness…”