Reiki Symbol Handouts

Tibetan Symbols
Used in Usui/Tibetan Reiki

According to our research, the Usui symbols in these downloads are the same as used by Mrs. Takata. The Tibetan symbols are the ones used in the Usui Tibetan classes. 

Password Protected

The downloads for the Reiki Symbols are password protected. The symbols are only for those who have already taken the Reiki class where those symbols are used. If you have taken the class, you should know the Japanese names for the symbols which are the passwords. If you have forgotten them, you need to contact your Reiki teacher to get them. If you do not know these names, do not contact us as we will not give them to you.

The password is the Japanese name for the Reiki II power symbol - lower case, no spaces.
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To Receive The Reiki II Symbols

The password is the Japanese name for the Usui master symbol - lower case, no spaces.
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To Received The Reiki Master Symbols
(Includes Reiki II Symbols)