Smile with Your Entire Soul

by Patricia Naffky

It was a quiet, late summer Sunday morning. I was lazily enjoying breakfast and reading a book when the mournful sounds of bagpipes wafted thru the open window. It was in that moment that I was hit with the realization that this was the tenth anniversary of the day that profoundly changed my life. September 11, 2001 simultaneously shattered my sense of security in this world and brought me a deep faith in and understanding of Reiki—how it had changed and was healing who I was at the core. With the sounds from the bagpipes, the memories of that awful day came flooding back, along with the personal miracles experienced that day and the days that followed.

On September 11, 2001, I was a young massage therapist—fresh from college graduation—and a new Reiki Master teacher. I was still working as a secretary in the maintenance department for a company that manufactured parts for military aircraft. I was full of dreams and excitement about what my new career as a “healer” would bring. I had experienced Reiki’s ability to relax and had witnessed a few “minor” healings, but still had some doubts as to its validity. “Was this stuff real?” “Was it just in my head?” Either way, it was weird, but it felt so good, so right. So I used it every day. I was trying to figure out how Reiki would fit into my practice and my life.

The morning of September 11 was going as it usually did, until one of the maintenance staff came in to tease me (I had my private pilot’s license) about a private plane that had just crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. He thought that it was funny that this “stupid pilot” could mistakenly hit something so big. My heart sank, knowing this was unlikely an accident. I asked my supervisor if there was a television in the plant and if he could take me there. He told me afterwards that he could see by the expression on my face what was later confirmed—that this was no accident. We reached the TV in time to witness the second plane hit the tower. I involuntarily got down on my knees and began praying and sending Reiki. I realized that one of my first thoughts was to send Reiki to those who had done this. I was being guided by Reiki to show love and compassion to them; that they needed to feel love and have healing more than anyone. I felt sad for them—that they had felt the need for such destruction and hate. This surprised me. All around me I could hear my companions cry for revenge and see their fear. I could feel remnants of the old me that would have been paralyzed by the fear and would have also felt the need for hate and revenge, but realized that she was mostly gone now and was just a whisper way back in the recesses of my mind. Reiki surrounded me in love and light; all I could feel was love and compassion. I had never felt Reiki flow so strongly. I had never sent Reiki to such a big circumstance. I could feel within myself a significant healing taking place. Strangely enough, I was filled with gratitude.

The next couple of days were filled with healing; on the evening of September 13, I sat down for a meditation with the intent to understand why so many had to pass. I activated Reiki and immediately the room was filled with a great peace and a warm bright light that permeated each cell of my body. Three of the most beautiful beings, angels, appeared to me. I had never felt such unconditional love. I felt my spirit leave my body as I traveled with them towards a great bright light. We entered a crystalline space, and in the center there was a large book. I was told that this was the book of all there ever was and all there ever will be. I could feel the power emanating from the book. I was given the knowing that all things from the perspective of the creator are equal. It is our human perspective that gives the illusion of good and evil.

I asked about the fear felt by those who had lost their earthly existence two days before. I was told that there was no fear, only great peace. At that moment we were transported to the moment the first tower fell. I could feel the support give beneath me and feel the building crumble around me. Strangely there was no fear—just a deep feeling that all would be okay.

We were then floating above what was now being called “ground zero.” It was night, and there was an eerie light. I could smell the burning and feel the heaviness of the air in my lungs. Below I could see the rubble, and the brave souls who were searching for survivors. I also witnessed the beautiful sight of angels guiding and welcoming souls. They floated into the sky hand in hand. It was a surreal sight: the devastation on the ground and the peace and beauty rising from it.

I was then taken into the rubble, to a man named David. David had been in the tower when it collapsed. He was alive, but barely. I was given the gift of speaking with David in his last moments. He was full of gratitude for his life, his family and his chance to speak with me. He wanted it to be known that all who were involved in this had a soul agreement—that there was purpose and that all would be well. And then he said, “Every answer resides within your heart . Just ask the question and its answer will become clear. Trust, my dear, trust! Your heart will never steer you wrong. You are here to teach, and you will do so by example—you will lead well. You will show others what it is to truly live, to see what is offered here. You will learn what it is to smile with your entire soul. Do so, and the world as you know it will begin to transform. There is beauty in every moment, every situation, everything, everyone, every hurt, every tear. See and honor that beauty, dear, for your lessons will lie here. Feel the truth and then live it!” David passed shortly after with his angels holding his hand. I watched his spirit lift from his body and could feel intense peace and gratitude from him and for him.

Back home, with tears in my eyes, I sat stunned by the blessing of this amazing experience. I thought that David’s words would always ring in my ears. I knew then (and now) that Reiki had brought me this gift. From that point on, I stopped questioning the power of Reiki—it has been a part of every moment of my life since.

With Reiki as an ever-present part of my days, I strive to see beauty and good in everything. I teach students and clients to witness this beauty—that they have a choice on how they see the world and what world they live in: one of beauty, joy and gratitude or one that is uncomfortable. Yet, I, too, can get bogged down with day-to-day life and sometimes forget to make that conscious choice to feel gratitude and to see the beauty that surrounds us all.

Hearing the mournful tones of bagpipes played on the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I felt it was David and Reiki reminding me of the lessons long ago learned and to smile with my entire soul.

This article appeared in the Spring 2012 issue of Reiki News Magazine.