The House That Karuna Healed

by Laurelle Gaia

We first walked through the doors of the House that Karuna healed in June of 1995. The 22 acres of rolling Kentucky countryside, and forested areas upon which the house sits were breathtakingly beautiful. The sparkling stream flowing through the property has a special healing ambiance of its own. Though the land and the house were wonderful to look at, there was a certain heaviness or denseness in the energy when we first arrived.

From June through October we held healing sessions there, and all levels of Reiki were taught. The house and the property were initiated to Reiki levels I and II, Advanced and Master, and ultimately Karuna Reiki® via the many classes and practitioners that worked, learned and shared Reiki there.

The reason we had been drawn to this place to do our work was not apparent until the Karuna Reiki® class, which brought gifted Reiki Masters from all over the country to the House of Healing. Karuna is the energy of compassionate action, and assists in strengthening one's connection with ascended, enlightened beings. It helps people heal at the cellular memory level. We were to learn it also heals the earth and discarnate spirits at this level as well.

During the class we became clairvoyantly aware (later historically verified) this land had been a battle ground for centuries. Indian tribes fought over it for hunting ground, civil war battles were fought there, people who lived in this house died. We knew that there were many spirits attached to this anguished land, and the Reiki had made them receptive to healing and returning to the Source.

We were guided to a sensitive spot on the grounds, formed a circle, sent Karuna Reiki® and specific channeled prayers to the land, and then we saw a magnificent physical manifestation. A column of iridescent white light appeared in the center of the circle, and what seemed like millions of flashing colored lights sped into it, and were transformed into white light. We had an inner knowing that these lights were the energetic manifestation of those anguished spirits being healed by the Love of God through open channels of Karuna Reiki®. The vibration of the property was instantly lighter, and the sense of peace that fell over the land cannot be described with words.

Our work is finished on this land at the House that Karuna healed, at least for now, and today the Universe is guiding us to our next place of healing.

In the Light of the Creator 
We See Only Love

Karuna Reiki® is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.