Lessons From Reiki

by Jeff Vaughan

Reiki treatments are wonderful to give and have taught me many lessons. One lesson is the value of trust. I have learned when giving a treatment it is best to just let the energy flow on its own and not try to control it. Reiki has consciousness of its own and knows where to go and what to do. My more sensitive friends, whom I have given Reiki sessions to, tell me when I concentrate too hard on the symbols, or attempt to control the Reiki, it tends to restrict the flow of the energy. Setting my need to control aside and trusting the energy to do what it needs to do and go where it needs to go appears to increase the strength and benefit of the treatment given. I have also learned the value of intuition. When I first began to give Reiki treatments I followed the basic treatment steps outlined in the book "Reiki the Healing Touch".

As I continued to practice, I began to deviate from the basic steps and place my hands on different parts of the body as I was guided. The client would then tell me that I had placed my hands exactly where they needed them to be. To me, following my intuition is another way of trusting the Reiki energy to flow in the way that is most valuable for the person receiving the treatment.

Another lesson I have learned from Reiki is the usefulness of invoking guidance and help from the universe and guides at the beginning of a treatment, and to give thanks for the help received at the end of a treatment. As I invoke a prayer for guidance, I always ask that the Reiki treatment be used for the highest good of the person receiving the energy. I do this because I do not know what is for the highest good of the person, nor do I know what they most need to heal at the time. By intending that Reiki be used for the highest good, I am trusting the energy and leaving the outcome of the healing work in the hands of the universe. This makes it interesting for me because I can look forward to seeing the miracles that the universe has in store for the person receiving the Reiki treatment.

I am grateful for the lessons given to me during my practice of Reiki and am certain that more insights will unfold for me as I continue to practice this wonderful healing technique.