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Issue, Article
Reiki Magazine Spring 2011
Spring 2011 Vol 10 Iss 1
Gardening with Reiki p11
Elly Phillips
Reiki Billboard p17
Rosemary Johnson and Robin Fuerst
Excerpts from Light on the Origins of Reiki p18
Tadao Yamaguchi
The Evolving Reiki Teacher p27
Deb Karpek
Reiki and Pet Behavior Issues p30
Conrad Jestmore
Reiki at St. Charles Cancer Center p36
Rosemary Johnson and Robin Fuerst
Animals Lead Their Humans to Reiki p43
Jodie Brenner
Activating Reiki p49
Colleen Benelli
The Ethical Practice of Reiki p57
Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Traveling to Teach Reiki p63
Karen Harrison
Reiki Stories - Reiki Heals My Mom p68
Julie Russell
Reiki Magazine Summer 2011
Summer 2011 Vol 10 Iss 2
Cooking with Reiki p11
Elly Phillips
The Color of Reiki p19
Colleen Benelli
Reiki and Breast Cancer p26
Raven Keyes
Japanese Reiki Techniques p28
William Lee Rand
Reiki at an Animal Sanctuary p34
Kathleen Prasad
Reiki for People and Pets p40
Nancy Kida
Practicing Reiki with Children p45
Deb Karpek
Transforming Competition into Cooperation p49
Janis Alber Groppi
Bringing Reiki Home p53
Eileen Dey
The Gift of Touch p61
Natalia Pisetskaya
Asking Reiki p64
Deb Karpek
Reiki Magazine Fall 2011
Fall 2011 Vol 10 Iss 3
Reiki Gifts for the Holidays p11
Colleen Benelli
Reiki for Children p23
Eileen Dey
Reiki, The Scientific Evidence p29
Ann Linda Baldwin
Reiki Heroine Gayle Moroso p34
Raven Keyes
Reiki Can Heal the Shadow Self p37
Janis Alber Groppi
Reiki and the Healing Process p43
William Lee Rand
Reiki Gifts from the Other Side p49
Kathie Lipinski
Reiki Until the Last Breath p55
Marsha R Drozdoff
The Hospice Path and Karuna Reiki® p59
Judi Broyles
Reiki Heals a Broken Bone and I Become the Johnny Appleseed of Reiki p63
Marge Lyles
Understanding Reiki p66
Mari Hall
Reiki Magazine Winter 2011
Winter 2011 Vol 10 Iss 4
Reiki Reveals the Joy Within p11
Colleen Benelli
Experiencing Reiki Every Moment p15
Natalia Pisetskaya
Teaching Skills for Reiki Masters p19
Susannah Spanton and William Lee Rand
Reiki and the Healing Process, Part II p27
William Lee Rand
Knowing When to Take the Next Class p31
Deb Karpek
Reiki at a Fitness Center p37
Rosie Pearson
Womb Twin Survivor Syndrome p43
Josephine Ludwig
Reiki Helps to Heal Brain Injury p49
Ronda Barker
Reiki, Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder p55
Victoria C. Leo
What Mayan Widows Taught Me About Reiki p61
George Chachis
The Timely Miracles of Reiki p67
Raven Keyes
Reiki Magazine Spring 2012
Spring 2012 Vol 11 Iss 1
Our Ten Year Anniversary Issue p9
William Lee Rand
Reiki Talking Stick p13
Colleen Benelli
Reiki Magic in the Mountains p18
Judi Broyles
Reiki and Trust p21
Deb Karpek
Reiki in a Cancer Center p27
Jane Van De Velde
Creating a Reiki Share in a Medical Center p33
Marsha R. Drozdoff
Reiki and Emergency Medical Service p39
Brian M. Dotson
Smile with Your Entire Soul p43
Patricia Naffky
Reiki Creates Life Shifts p49
Wendy Joy
Reiki and the Divine Feminine and Masculine p53
Eleonore Koury
Reiki in the “Beauty Business” p59
Claire Johnston
Reiki and Religion Reverend p62
Alice Mindrum
Reiki News Summer 2012
Summer 2012 Vol 11 Iss 2
Are Things Getting Better? p9
William Lee Rand
Reiki Heals the Imagination p13
Colleen Benelli
Clients as Mirrors: Money and Boundaries p19
Deb Karpek
Reiki for Dogs p27
Kathleen Prasad
Reiki Helps Dogs at Camp Lucy p36
Leslie Russell
Using Reiki for Self-Care p40
Raven Keyes
Using Reiki for Specific Illnesses: Anemia, Angina and Back p45
Pain Mari Hall
Reiki and Nursing p51
Kathie Lipinski
Healing Migraine Headaches with Reiki p56
Jo Brennan
Reiki is the Solution: Healing Empathic Issues p61
Maryellen Nardomarino
The Tenderness of Reiki p65
Susannah Spanton
Reiki Magazine Fall 2012
Fall 2012 Vol 11 Iss 3  
World Peace is Coming p9 William Lee Rand
A Cloud of Witnesses p13 Claire Johnston
A Heeler’s 11 Year Journey with Reiki p17 Marsha R. Drozdoff
Reiki for Women p21 Christina St. Clair
Reiki and the Art of Receiving p27 Colleen Benelli
Reiki at Broward House p32 Vanessa Morgan
Teaching Reiki in Prison p37 C.A. Gilmer
Improve Your Reiki Energy With a Healthy Diet p45 Brian Dotson
Reiki Kids p51 Maureen Healy
Reiki Helps a Parrot p54 Sheryl Schlameuss Berger
Reiki in a Down Economy p59 Heidi Mentink
Trusting Reiki as Your Teacher p61 Sandy Trimble
Reiki and the Milestones of Life p65 Deb Karpek
Reiki Magazine Winter 2012
Winter 2012 Vol 11 Iss 4
Reiki Helps Us Remember Our Spirit p11
Colleen Benelli
Putting the You Back in the Universe p17
Jen Brunett
The Reiki Path to Becoming p21
Haley Steinhardt
A Reiki Program for a Jewish Nursing Home, Part I p26
Jeannette Stellato
Reiki, Pay It Forward p33
Laurie Goldstein
Healing the Emotions: Heartache, Grief and Stress p34
Raven Keyes
More on Reiki and Migraines p41
Matthew Fike, PhD
Your Reiki Hands Know the Best Points p46
George Chachis, MA
Reiki and Life Transitions p51
Deb Karpek
My First Reiki Client p54
Elynne Rosenfeld Allenson
Using Reiki Throughout the Day p57
Eleonore Koury
Reiki and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder p61
Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN, CH
Reiki Magazine Spring 2013
Spring 2013 Vol 12 Iss 1
Create a Happier, Healthier Life with Reiki p11
William Lee Rand
The Spirit of Your Reiki Business p15
Colleen Benelli
Reiki and Personal Coaching p21
Elyn Selu
Reiki for Horses p27
Kathryn Reid
Animal Reiki Sessions and Your State of Mind p30
Kathleen Prasad
Teaching Reiki to Children, Part II p34
Maureen Dawn Healy
Parenting with Reiki p36
Lori Russell-Siemer
A Reiki Hospice Experience p41
Therese Silva-Johnson
Introducing Reiki into the Traditional
Healthcare Environment p47
Marsha R. Drozdoff
A Reiki Program for a Jewish
Nursing Home for the Elderly, Part II p52
Jeannette Stellato
Reiki on an Amputated Limb p60
Kathy Ong
Reiki for the Endocrine System p63
Mari Hall
Reiki Magazine Summer 2013
Summer 2013 Vol 12 Iss 2  

Waterfalls, Rainbows and Reiki p9

Colleen Benelli
Reiki On Call p18 Claire Johnston
Reiki, Crystals and Children p20 Maureen Dawn Healy
Reiki and the Miracle of a Human Life p23 Jennifer Caragol and Dawn Fleming
Reiki Massage p29 Jo Brennan, LMT
Reiki and Qigong p33 Brian M. Dotson
Reiki for Sleep p41 Karen Harrison
Introducing Reiki to Seniors p48 Conrad Jestmore
Creating Opportunities to Share Reiki p51 Jeannette Stellato
Reiki and Relationships p55 Deb Karpek
Healing Relationship Betrayals p59
Victoria C. Leo
Five Tips for Going Deeper with Reiki p63
Haley Steinhardt
Reiki Magazine Fall 2013
Fall 2013 Vol 12 Iss 3  
Horses That Heal p9 Pamela Allen LeBlanc
Healing Animal Grief with Reiki p19 Mary Blake
Defining Your Reiki Practice – Part One p23 Colleen Benelli
An Evidence Based History of Reiki p31 William Lee Rand
Reiki and Lyme Disease p35 Corinne Feinberg
Reiki to Survive: My Journey through Cancer p35 Rachel Hazelwood
An Unexpected Transformation p45 Todd S. Burnap
Healing Childhood Hurts: The Distant
Symbol and the First Three Chakras p49
Willow Rose
Healing Fear with Reiki p52 Heidi Mentink
Reiki and Regression p55 Elyn Selu
Reiki and Intuition p59 Haley Steinhardt
Reiki Inspired Art p62 Elynne Rosenfeld Allenson
Reiki Magazine Winter 2013
Winter 2013 Vol 12 Iss 4
Receive the Answers to Your Prayers With Reiki p9
Colleen Benelli
Preparing for the Reiki Master Training p15
Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Stepping into the Role of Reiki Teacher p19
Laurie Goldstein
Reiki’s Two-Sided Coin: Intent and Nonattachment p27
Jody Messinger Wolfe
Reiki Lessons from the Animals of Remus p32
Kathleen Prasad
Reiki with Donkeys and The Subtle Energy Body p37
Kathy Reid
Reiki and Personal Growth p45
Deb Karpek
Reiki: Finding a Higher Calling, Teaching Reiki to a Cancer Patient p49
Veronique Frede and Carie Slowinski
Reiki in a Chemotherapy Unit p55
Gail Greenfield
How the Elderly Enjoy Reiki p58
Jeannette Stellato
Can Reiki Cause Harm? p67
Haley Steinhardt
Reiki Magazine Spring 2014
Spring 2014 Vol 13 Iss 1  
Birthing Our Relations p11 Tonya McLaughlin
A Reiki Burial p17 Terri Heiman
Reiki and Bullying p21 Heidi Mentink
Interview with Hiroshi Doi p27 William Lee Rand
Reiki Before Usui p32 William Lee Rand
Origin of the Usui Reiki Master Symbol p34 William Lee Rand
You Gave Reiki to WHAT? p37 Rosie Pearson
Reiki In The Operating Room p41 Ken Egbert
Defining Your Reiki Practice: Part II,
Introducing Reiki to Medical Personnel p45
Colleen Benelli
"Vision Can be Reality": Highlights from the 2013 Reiki Rays of Hope for Caregivers p51 Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN; Judy McCracken, M.Ed; Jane Van De Velde, DNP, RN
Animals, Reiki and Reiju p60 Kathleen Prasad
How to Gain Confidence in Your Relationship with Reiki p64 Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Reiki Magazine Summer 2014
Summer 2014 Vol 13 Iss 2
The Birth of Holy Fire Reiki p11
William Lee Rand
Healing Our Religious Wounds with Reiki and the Holy Fire p19
Laurelle Gaia
When Animals Come to Reiki Class p27
Carolyn Musial
The Whispering Winds of Reiki p32
David Thomas
The Reiki Gifts of Healing:
Earth and Sky p37
Kathleen Prasad
A Grief Journey p45
Ann Hyland, BSN RN CAPA
My Healing Journey p 49
Michele R. Fritz
Transformation through Reiki p53
Robin Fuerst, BS Pharmacy, PharmD
Reiki in Occupational Therapy p59
Kiki Peppard, COTA/L

How to Create a Successful Reiki Share p62

Denise Watson
Reiki Magazine Fall 2014
Fall 2014 Vol 13 Iss 3
Reiki and Balanced Birthing p11
Tonya McLaughlin
Healing Religious Trauma with Holy Fire Reiki p15
Colleen Benelli
Reiki and the Harmony Symbol, Releasing Energetic Tethers p21
Patricia Williams
Sound Healing Can Enhance Reiki Sessions p26
Laurelle Shanti Gaia and Michael Arthur Baird
A Reiki and Sound Experience p35
Deb Karpek
Animal Reiki, Healing Beyond Words p41
Kathleen Prasad
Reiki Helps Say Goodbye to our Animal Companions p45
Ely Selu
The Gift of Giving, My First Reiki Client p48
Tracy Riccetti
Return to Reiki . . . any time p50
Betsy Dewey
Key Elements in Creating a Reiki Nonprofit p52
Jane Van De Velde, DNP, RN
Breast Cancer, Medicine Buddha and Reiki p59
George Chachis
How Reiki Helps People p65
William Lee Rand
Reiki Magazine Winter 2014
Winter 2014 Vol 13 Iss 4  
Interview with Hiroshi Doi – Part II p11
William Lee Rand
Reiki Makes a Difference, No Matter What the Circumstance p17
Dawn Fleming
Reiki and Hepatitis C p21
Gisella de Liddo
Blessed by Healing p26
Anne Samson
Reiki Opens the Door to Our Emotions p29
Thomas and Michelle Fritz and Jenny Garver
Reiki and Mindfullness p34
Marsha R Drozdoff
Strengthen Your Immune System with Reiki, Crystals and Breath p41
Laurelle Gaia
Reiki in the Water p47
M. Jean Webb
Animal Reiki, Three Tips to Transform Illness into Healing p53
Kathleen Prasad
Gabriel, Child of Light p59
Wendy Jordan
Creating a Reiki Class for Children p62
Kumud Bothra
Reiki Kids are Highly Sensitive p67
Maureen Healy
Reiki Magazine Spring 2015
Spring 2015 Vol 14 Iss 1  
Building Understanding and
Cooperation in the Reiki Community p11
William Lee Rand
Reiki for Mental Health Professionals: Part I p19 Karen Harrison
Release Fears and Phobias Quickly with Reiki p25 Jessica Miller
Understanding the Effects of Stress and How Reiki Can Help p29 Robin H Fuerst
Learning to Trust with Holy Fire Reiki p35 Rose O'Connor
Reiki and the Kingdom of God Within p41 Colleen Benelli
Reiki Youthful Beauty Routine p 47 Wendy Jordan
Sage Magic p53 Rebecca Godin
Reiki as a Tool for Spiritual Activism p56 Molly Triplett
Mastering Time with Reiki p61 Laurelle Gaia
Karuna Reiki® – A Life Saver for Women in Menopause p66 Dawn Fleming
Reiki Magazine Summer 2015
Summer 2015 Vol 14 Iss 2
Forgiveness and Gratitude Bring Happiness p9
William Lee Rand
Creating a Reiki Healing Altar p15
Diane Anderson
Reiki, Horses and the Language of Love: Part One p19
Rose O’Connor
The Wind and The River are Horses p27
Susan T. Blake
Compassion Fatigue and Animal Rescue: How Reiki Can Help p31
Kathleen Prasad
Reiki, Resiliency and Self-Care p35
Kathie Lipinski, RN, MSN, CH 
Understanding the Effects of Stress and How Reiki Can Help: Part Two p41
Robin H Fuerst, BS, PharmD
Create your Business Identity p48
Colleen Benelli
Reiki for Mental Health Professionals: Part Two p57
Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT
Tips for Reiki Sessions p63
Judy McCracken
Reiki News Magazine
Fall 2015 Vol 14 Iss 3
Why Reiki is Ideal for Animals p9
Kathleen Prasad
Reiki Animals, Part One p15
Pamela Allen-LeBlanc
Learning the Language of Love: Part Two p21
Rose O’Connor
Reiki Business Practices p27
Colleen Benelli and Karen Harrison
Solutions to Common Reiki Issues p33
Judy McCracken
Operating a Reiki Booth at a Book Festival p39
Marsha Drozdoff, ACSW, LCSW
A Reiki Duet p45
Kristin Zimet
The Value of a Personal Practice p49
Natalia Pisetskaya
Healing Eye Issues with Reiki p52
Dawn Fleming
A New Reiki Experience p55
Deb Karpek
Why I Teach Reiki I&II Together p58
William Lee Rand
A Reiki Earth Healing Ceremony p61
Diane Anderson
Reiki Initiates World Peace Grid Meditations in the Bahamas p65
Cheri Wood
Winter 2015
Winter 2015 Vol 14 Iss 4
The Future of Reiki p9
William Lee Rand
We Are the Reiki Messengers p19
Rose O’Connor
Live a Reiki Lifestyle p25
Colleen Benelli
Teaching Reiki to the Extended Family p30
Kumud Bothra
Finding a New Way p35
Anne Samson
Reiki in My Life’s Work p38
David Patrick Thomas
Let the Animals Teach Us p43
Kathleen Prasad
Reiki Animals, Part Two p47
Pamela Allen-LeBlanc
Transforming a Psychiatric Hospital p55
Pat Guerard
Check Your Reiki Ethics’ Knowledge p59
Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AAECT
Spring 2016
Spring 2016 Vol 15 Iss 1
Work Less and Get More Done p9
William Lee Rand
Reiki and Our Aging Parents and Loved Ones p13
Colleen Benelli
Lessons from Holy Fire p19
Karen Harrison
Long Distance Transformation p27
Jeff Baird
Receiving Reiki from Reiki Animals p31
Pamela Allen-Leblanc
Reiki in the Water... With Dogs! p36
Lynn Abbott
Sharing is Caring p41
Pamela Guaicochea
The Art of Reiki p44
Gaia Orion
Reiki, Ireland, Leprechauns and Magic! p51
Marsha R. Drozdoff
The Importance of Discernment on your Spiritual Path p55
Patricia Williams
My Reiki Retreat Experience p61
Debra Karpek
What Was I Thinking?  p64
Chellie Kammermeyer
Reiki News Magazine Summer 2016
Reiki for Fitness p9
Karen Harrison
A Great Reiki Adventure p14
Mike Kammermeyer
Reiki, Horses and Autistic Children p19
Pamela Allen-LeBlanc
The Changing of the Tide p27
William Lee Rand
We Are Transforming the World p31
Sarah Soltow
We Become Reiki p35
Jeff Baird
Reiki is My Home p39
Rose O’Connor
Joy and Beauty Every Day p42
Cheri Linehan
Reiki Helps Fibromyalgia p47
Marie-Eve Senechal
Reiki Heals a Heart Condition p53
Ken Egbert
Reiki Restores Our Authentic Self p59
Colleen Benelli
Let Nowt Bother Thi . . . Nowt Nor Nobd’y p62
Martin Nockalls
Holy Fire Reiki - Preparing for the New Consciousness p65
Kathleen Johnson
Reiki News Magazine Fall 2016
Fall 2016 Vol 15 Iss 3  
Merging with the Source of Reiki p9 William Lee Rand
Learning to Hear the Voice of Reiki p13 Kumud Bothra
Just for Today: A Thank-You Story to Reiki and Stroke Healing p19 Laurelle Shanti Gaia
What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love p20 Jeff Baird
Stepping Out of the Way p22 Dodi Mitchell
Reiki and Crossing Over p27 Beth Price
My Reiki Drumming Experience p31 Chellie Kammermeyer
Karuna – The Reiki of Compassion p34 Anne Samson
The Eye of the Horse p39 Kathy Reid
Developing Clients and Students for Your Reiki Business - Part I: Email Marketing and Reiki Chat p45 Colleen Benelli and Karen Harrison
Protect Reiki as a Continuing Education-Approved Course p50 Dawn Fleming
Professionally Organize Your Life with Reiki p53 Diane Hendler
Reiki Research Summary and Health Benefits p58 Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD
Wisdom from the Bamboo Forest p63 Veronique Frede
Co-Creating Expansion with Holy Fire Reiki p64 Pattie Carney
Reiki Loves a Whole Cat and a Whole Person p66 Elizabeth Eddy
reiki News Magazine Winter 2016
Winter 2016 Vol 15 Iss 4  
Getting Clear: The Importance of Reiki in My Life p9
Chellie Kammermeyer
Healing is a Team Effort p12
Jeff Baird
Letting Go p14
Rebecca Godin
The Spirit Release Process: An Amazing Healing Tool p 17
Evelyn King
Releasing Spirit Attachments p22
William Lee Rand
Developing Clients and Students for Your Reiki Business, Part II: Social Media and You Tube p27
Colleen Benelli and Karen Harrison
Karuna Reiki® and Emotional Healing p32
Dawn Fleming
Holy Fire II: Will We Take the Next Step? p35
Rose O’Connor
The Starlight Reiki Share p42
Sarah Soltow
The Reiki Retreat: The Second time Around p45
Deb Karpek
Reiki and Lupus: Working with Individuals and Couples p49
Marsha R. Drozoff, ACSW, LCSW
Parkinson’s Disease: An Opportunity for Reiki Healing p54
Peter Huhtala
The Divine Connection of All Things p59
Carolyn Musial
Using Reiki in a Traditional Physical Therapy Business p63
Kris Dalseg
Singing and Sound Healing with Reiki p64
Shekhina von Recklinghausen
Reiki News Magazine Spring 2017
The Depth and Breadth of True Healing p8
Laurelle Gaia
Sometimes Reiki is the Only Answer p13
Dawn Fleming
Releasing the Past p16
Jeff Baird
How Reiki Guided My Life p19
Deborah O’Brien
Reiki for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, Part 1 p27
Karen K. Harrison, Ed.S. LCPC, LCMFT
Interview with Hiroshi Doi Sensei p35
William Lee Rand
The Blessings of Being an ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher p41
Colleen Benelli
Reiki at the World Parkinson Congress p45
Frank Huebner and Angela Robb
Reiki and Tarot p49
Toni Dafeldecker, RN, BCHN, LMBT
Reiki and Essential Oils p53
Norah Dykema
Reiki in the Garden p57
Diane Anderson
Five Transforming Secrets of Gassho Meditation p62
Kevin Schoeninger
How Holy Fire Reiki Changed My Life p64
Francie Soito
World Peace Grid 20th Anniversary p67
William Lee Rand
Reiki News Magazine Summer 2017
Knowing Which Way to Go p9
William Lee Rand
Reiki for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, Part 2 p13
Karen K. Harrison, Ed.S. LCPC, LCMFT
Building Trust and Openness with Your Reiki Clients p16
Dawn Fleming
Reiki Helped Us Move p19
Brenda Strong
Holy Fire Reiki and Shamanism p27
David Thomas
Holy Fire Life Lessons p31
Bryce Goebel
The Circle is Always Divinely Ordered p37
Chellie Kammermeyer
Reiki and Tinnitus p40
Cynthia Carlin
Anyone Can Learn Reiki p43
David Goodearl
Coping with My Daughter’s Diagnosis of Cancer p49
Marie-Eve Senechal
Reiki and Cancer p55
Evelyn B. King
Reiki with Horses: They are the Teachers p61
Kathleen Prasad
Lessons from Reiki Horses p65
Mary Blake
Reiki News Magazine Fall 2017
Fall 2017 Vol 16 Iss 3  
The Man Behind the Master, An Intimate Interview with William Lee Rand, Part I p9
Joan W. Maute
The Value of Reviewing Reiki Classes p15
Carolyn Musial
Wholistic Teaching p19
Tonya McLaughlin
Roots and Wings, The Role of the Reiki Teacher p27
Kathleen L. Johnson
Improving the Value of your Reiki Practice, Part I: Reiki Sessions p31
Karen K. Harrison, Ed.S. LCPC, LCMFT
A Gesture of Love, Why Healing Yourself
is the Greatest Gift You Can Give p37
Jessica Gammell-Bennett
Officiate Ceremonies with Reiki p41
Colleen Benelli and Robyn Benelli
Reiki and Compassion for the Dying p46
Gina M. Gifford
Reiki Helps to Heal a Lost Soul p49
Marie-Eve Senechal
Reiki and Concussions p53
Pam Allen-Leblanc
The Secret, Sexual Molestation and the Healing Light of Reiki p59
Chellie Kammermeyer
Reiki Complements Foot Surgery p62
Beth Price
Animals in Pain, Reiki to the Rescue p65
Lynn Abbott, LVT
Reiki News Magazine Winter 2017
The Man Behind the Master, An Intimate Interview with William Lee Rand, Part II p8
Joan W. Maute
Divine Knowing p15
Carolyn Musial
Reiki Leads Us on Our True Life Path p18
Anne Samson
You Are Number One p21
Rose O’Connor
The Butterfly Squad p27
Laurelle Gaia
Improving the Value of Your
Reiki Practice – Part II: Reiki Classes p33
Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT
Addictions and the Spirit Release Process p39
Pamela Allen-Leblanc
Reiki and Yoga – A Complementary Flow p42
Kimeiko Hotta Dover, M.Ed.
Using Reiki to Clear Clutter p49
Chellie Kammermeyer
Reiki Crafts for Kids p52
Colleen Benelli and Robyn Benelli
Listening to Animals with Reiki p58
Alexandria Lee Thomas
Reiki at Animal Shelters and Sanctuaries p60
Kathleen Prasad
Connecting with Marine Life through Reiki p65
Cheri Wood
Reiki News Magazine Spring 2018
The Man Behind the Master, An Intimate Interview with William Lee Rand, Part III p9
Joan W. Maute
My Reiki Revelations p15
Sandy Charbonneau
A Reiki Pilgrimage p21
Patricia Daly
A Teacher with Beginner’s Mind p27
Susan T. Blake
Group Distant Reiki Healing Session p32
Kathleen Johnson
Reiki in the Peruvian Andes p35
Rinda Payne
Healing the Whole Person p39
Marie-Eve Senechal
Finding Authenticity with Reiki p43
Teresa Jantz
Using Reiki for Emotional Transformation p49
Olisia Barron
Reiki and Workplace Stress p51
Robin Fuerst, PharmD, FASHP
and Bryce Goebel
Reiki Retreat Redux p58
Sarah Soltow
Reiki and Emergency Preparedness p63
Peter Huhtala
Reiki and Hurricane Irma p66
Pattie Carney
Reiki News Magazine Summer 2018
The Man Behind the Master - An Intimate Interview with William Lee Rand, Part IV p9
Joan W. Maute
Imbue Your Sacred Objects with Reiki p15
Colleen Benelli and Robyn Benelli
The Reiki Whisper p21
Deborah Monacelli
Reiki Heals Brain Trauma p27
Dawn Fleming
Holy Fire Reiki Makes It Easy to Teach Reiki Classes p29
Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT
Finding Reiki p35
Joan D. Stamm
Reiki and Crystals 37
Shekhina von Recklinghausen
Reiki and the Use of Vogel Crystal Healing Wands p 47
Jay V. Jackson
Reiki Combined with Other Modalities p52
Karen Vomvolakis
Althea, My Animal Reiki Teacher p54
Kathleen Lester
Remembering That We Are All One p57
Kathleen Prasad
The Power of a Reiki Grid p60
Pamela Allen-LeBlanc
Some of My Reiki Revelations p64
Maurice Clayton
Reiki During the End of Life p66
Angela Deschesne
Reiki News Magazine Fall 2018
Fall 2018 Vol 17 Iss 3  
A River of Reiki Runs Through It p9 William Lee Rand
Reiki for Spiritual Guidance p15 Colleen Benelli
How Reiki Empowered Me and My Healing Practice p21 Alexandria L. Thomas
How Reiki Enhanced My Life Immeasurably p27 Carolyn Chilton Casas
Why Learn Reiki? p31 Chellie Kammermeyer
An Oncology Department Reiki Story p35 Jennifer Brodigan
Holy Fire Reiki Helps Heal Disabling Conditions p43 Jessica Hitch
Transforming Emotions with Reiki p49 Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT
Reiki Sessions with Children p53 Marie–Eve Senechal
Reiki with Llamas p57 Sandy Charbonneau
Thank You, Mom p60 Tracey Sullivan
Allowing Room for Reiki to Grow p64 Jeff Baird
Reiki, a Sacred Practice p66 Shannon Peck
Reiki News Winter 2018
Usui Sensei Birthplace Memorial p8
William Lee Rand
Introduction to Holy Fire III Reiki p11
William Lee Rand
Reiki Journey Techniques p17
Colleen Benelli and Robyn Benelli
Stories of Reiki-Blended Healings p21
Laura K. Cowan
Working with Chakras in Your Reiki Practice p27
Claire Johnston
How Long Will It Take to Heal? p33
Dawn Fleming
Spirit Attachment Release of Family Members and Close Friends p36
Evelyn King
A Bridge of Love with Reiki p 39
Deborah O’Brien
The Clear Light of Dying p 43
Ann Hyland
Death, Birth and Beyond p46
Angela Deschesne
Reiki’s Place in Cancer Care p49
Kristen Nicastro, RN, OCN
Space Clearing and Blessing p53
Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT
Be Reiki with Animals p 57
Kathleen Prasad
Mother Earth in the Reiki Session p60
Kathleen L. Johnson
Using Scrapbooking to Teach Children Reiki p62
Himani Jain
Tracking Trends in Reiki Use p66
Kay Adkins
Spring 2019 Vol 18 Iss 1  
Introduction to Holy Fire® III Part II p9 William Lee Rand
Reiki for Your Garden p13 Jill Thiel
Reiki-on-the-Fly as a Life Management Tool p17 Colleen Benelli and Robyn Benelli
Four Techniques to Strengthen Your Reiki Energy p21 Kevin Schoeninger
The Shoemaker’s Children p26 Susan T. Blake
On the Road to Reiki p29 Carolyn Chilton Casas
A Veteran’s First Reiki Session p32 Jeff Baird
The Benefits of Reiki
for Autistic Children p34
Allison Batty-Capps, MA, MFT
Reiki Brings Smiles to Dental Practice p41 Sandy Charbonneau
Create a Reiki Work-Study Program p44 Karen K Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT
Reiki Transforms Shelter Cats p49 Sarah Hauser
Animal Reiki Heals the Whole Family p53 Kathleen Lester
Spirit Attachment Release of Family Members and Close Friends, Part II p56 Evelyn King
Can a Reiki Session Include
a Psychic Reading? p62
Monica Augustine
Fascinating Fascia p64 Sarah Soltow
Stories from the Grid p68 Renee Arledge
Reiki News Magazine Summer 2019
Summer 2019 Vol 18 Iss 2  
What is Success? p9 William Lee Rand
Hana, Haiku, and Holy Fire®—Retreat at the Maui Reiki Center p12 Karen Caig
Going Deep with Reiki p18 Karen K Harrison
Reiki Helps with Difficult People and Situations p22 Kathleen Johnson
A Soul Departs p26 Jennifer Brodigan
Just for Today…Gets Very Real p31 Carolyn Musial
Reiki and Dissociative Identity Disorder p34 Mary Spohn
Reiki Altars p41 Shekhina von Recklinghausen
Reiki and Waldorf Education p46 Johanna Hibbard
Reiki and Solfeggio Sound Healing p51 David Patrick Thomas
Reiki Can Improve the Work of Healthcare Practitioners p54 Kris Valentine
Parenting and Learning to Surrender p59 Kimeiko Hotta Dover
Reiki Restores Uterine Lining p61 Dawn Fleming
Practicing Ethical Energy Medicine p62 Heidi Light
Holy Fire® Reiki and Spiritual Diversity p64 Jay V. Jackson
Is Your Reiki Flowing? p67 Shannon Peck
Reiki News Magazine Fall 2019 Fall 2019 Vol 18 Iss 3  
How to Know What You Need to Heal p9
William Lee Rand
Reiki and Stroke p12
Alexandria L. Thomas
Reiki Helps a Child with Down Syndrome p14
Angela Deschesne
Reiki for Depression p16
Gina M. Gafford
Reiki for Aging Seniors p21
Nancy Mousseau
Reiki Heals Repressed Memories p26
Monica Augustine
Combining Reiki with Traditional Therapy p28
Allison Batty-Capps, MA, MFT
Holy Fire® Reiki and Yoga p30
Cami Coté
Reiki and the Endocrine System p38
Chellie Kammermeyer
Reiki for Body Image p43
Karen Harrison, LCPC, LCMFT, AASECT
Reiki and Millennials p46
Robyn Benelli
Reiki? What’s That? p50
Jennifer Brodigan
Grow Your Reiki Business Through Networking p54
Karen Caig
Master Class Transformations p58
Carolyn Chilton Casas
Reiki Combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine p62
Karen Vomvolakis
Reiki Heals “The Shoulds” p66
Colleen Benelli
Reiki News Winter 2019 Winter 2019 Vol 18 Iss 4  
Healing the Ego p9 William Lee Rand
Reiki Awakens My Divine Life Purpose p12 Isabella Rosa
Reiki and Angels p15 Shekhina von Recklinghausen
Reiki Research – It’s Time to Shift Gears p19 Ann Linda Baldwin, PhD and Ann Thompson
The Reiki Path—Accept and Trust p22 Kathleen Johnson
Teaching My First Reiki Class p26 Carolyn Chilton Casas
Better Body Mechanics in Reiki p30 Jill Thiel
Tips for the Reiki Practitioner p33 Claire Johnston
A Pace That’s Right for Me—My Holy Fire® III Journey p36 Pamela J. Friers
To Share or Not to Share p38 Marsha R. Drozdoff, ACSW, LCSW, CRMT
Reiki Heals a Broken Heart p41 Deborah O’Brien
Reiki Experiments with Time and Distance p47 Mary Spohn
Reiki for Mental Health p52 Allison Batty-Capps
Organizing a Fun Reiki Class for Children p54 Himani Jain
My Grandson Was My First Reiki Student p56 Shannon Peck
Letting Animals Lead p58 Rose O’Connor
Animal Reiki Healing in Veterinary Practice p65 Kathleen Prasad
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