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Reiki News Summer 2002
Summer 2002 Vol 1 Iss 1
Reiki Sacred or Secret     Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Self Healing Meditation     Kathie Lipinski
Dr Usui 3 Pillars…     Beth Simmons Stapor
Reiki and Tai Chi     Philip Chan
SweatPrayer&Reiki     Janny Adkins RN
Creating a Reiki Class     William Rand
Reiki News Fall 2002 Fall 2002 Vol 1 Iss 2  
Reiki and Angelic Healing p4 Diane Shewmaker
Knowing the Master Within p10 Mari Hall
Kanji for Reiki p13 Walter Luebeck
Alzheimer's & Reiki p37 Therese Silva
Reiki Guides and Angels p28 Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Blessed by Spiritual Beings p26 William Rand
Reiki News Winter 2002 Winter 2002 Vol 1 Iss 3  
Auras and Chakras p20 Penny Quest
Human energy Field p32 James Oschman
Human Energy System p6 Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Soul-level Chakras…p42 Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Reiki & Fertility p51 Mari Hall
Reiki & Chakra Healing p 14 Walter Luebeck
Spring 2003 Spring 2003 Vol 2 Iss 1  
Healing the Heart p19 Walter Luebeck
Attunement Experience p34 Penny Quest
Speaking up about Reiki p26 Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Tribute to Beth Gray p10 Amy Rowland
The Hours/Emperor's Club p47 Stephen Simon
Adventures of Giving(India) p39 William Rand
Harmony Between All Reiki Groups p42 William Rand
Reiki of the Universe p8 William Rand
Reiki News Summer 2003 Summer 2003 Vol 2 Iss 2  
Reiki in Hospitals/OB GYN p16 Jeri Mills
Yoga Mudras p43 Cathy Dyer
Reiki and Addictions p32 Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Reiki and the Spine p38 Walter Luebeck
Kundalini Yoga p48 Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Reiki Aura Clearing and Psychotherapy p23 Karen Harrison
Enhancing tmt of HIV/Aids with Reiki p 30 Robert Schmehr CSW
Interview with Hiroshi Doi Part 1 p9 William Lee Rand interview with Hiroshi Doi
Movie Mystic pg 57 Stephen Simon
Reiki: What's It All About pg 60 Andrea Mincsak
Reiki News Fall 2003 Fall 2003 Vol 2 Iss 3  
Interview with Hiroshi Doi Part 2 p12 William Lee Rand interview with Hiroshi Doi
Reiki & Intuition Part 1 p17 Amy Rowland
Reiki at MD Anderson Cancer Ctr p22 Geri Mills
Science Validates Spiritual Healing p26 WLR interview 
with Dan Benor
Und Body of Light Part 1 p36 Walter Luebeck
Reiki With Animals p40 Penny Quest
The Horse Whisperer pg 42 William Rand
Bach Flower Remedies p46 Mari Hall
Healing Memories-Transformations p30 Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Reiki News Winter 2003 Winter 2003 Vol 2 Iss 4  
Nature of Reiki Energy p10 William Rand
Reiki In the Holy Land p16 William Rand
Alicia - Hospice p36 John Mramor
Reiki & intuition Part 2 p45 Amy Rowland
Light that is Reiki Poem p61 Heather Stewart
Reiki Romance p40 Ann Eskridge
Teaching Reiki in Hospitals/Clinics p54 Pamela Miles
Witnessing the Miracle of 
ReikiTransformations p26
Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Reiki Magazine Spring 2004 Spring 2004 Vol 3 Iss 1  
Teaching Reiki to Children p22 Barbara McKell
Spring Cleaning p14 Penelope Quest
Recovering from Aids p34 Dan Wray
Reiki and Nutrition p46 Laura Sauer-Ziemba
Understanding Body of Light Part 2 p54 Walter Luebeck
Secrets of the Heart p10 William Rand
Callanish p40 William Rand
Reiki at Portsmouth Regional Hospital p26 Pamela Miles
Reiki and Path of Transformation p 50 Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Movie Mystic p58 Stephen Simon
Reiki Magazine Summer 2004 Summer 2004 Vol 3 Iss 2  
Treating Stroke and other 
Neurological Disorders p38
Mari Hall
Healing Financial Problems w/Reiki p48 Walter Lubeck
Reiki at Nat'l Inst. Health, 
Warren Grant Magnuson Clinic p52
Pamela Miles
Reiki Ryoho, The Art of Conscious Touch p46 Arjava Petter
Reiki and Dance p14 Joan Settin
Healing With Music p30 Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Reiki and Music: The Sound of Love p22 Ulla Suokko
Secrets of the Heart p10 William Rand
Anatomy For Reiki unknown
Reiki Magazine Fall 2004 Fall 2004 Vol 3 Iss 3  
Reiki w/Children A Nurse's Perspective p 28 Carol Bonura
Realizations on my Path to Recovery p 14 Mari Hall
Finding Your Soul Mate w/Reiki p34 Walter Lubeck
Teaching Reiki to Children Part 2 p 16 Barbara McKell
Emergency Reiki p40 Pamela Miles
Living w/Reiki Principles, Part 1 p 30 Penelope Quest
The Miracle of Reiki p10 William Rand
Reiki and Healing Process: 
Transformation at Its Very Best p 44
Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Reiki and Childbirth p 22 Mia Tennenbaum
Reiki Magazine Winter 2004 Winter 2004 Vol 3 Iss 4  
Nurturing Your Loving Relationship with Reiki p11 Walter Lubeck
World Peace p 19 William Rand
Living With Reiki Principles Part II p 31 Penelope Quest
Reiki Helps us to Live in Harmony p 36 Mari Hall
Reiki Myths p52 Arjava Petter
Reiki and the Healing Process Part II p 39 Diane Shewmaker
Reiki Practitioner Collaborates w/Hospital p 48 Pamela Miles
Reiki Magazine Spring 2005 Spring 2005 Vol 4 Iss 1  
Reikishares pg 11 Amy Rowland and
Laurelle Gaia
Reiki Circle Healing p13 Brian Dailey
Relationship between Reiki Teacher 
and Student pg 22
Walter Lubeck
Living w/Reiki Principles Part III,
Do Not Worry pg 30
Penelope Quest
Keeping Reiki Free pg 37 William Rand
Teaching Reiki To Physicians pg 44 Brian Dailey
Reiki and the Healing Process Part III,
release spirit attachments pg 51
Diane Shewmaker
Healing at a Reiki Circle pg 14 Margaret Lyles
Reiki Magazine Summer 2005 Summer 2005 Vol 4 Iss 2  
An Interview with Virginia Hey pg 11 William Lee Rand
Water Reiki pg 18 Mari Hall
A Girl Named Autumn pg 20 Marilyn Sanville
Reiki and Me pg 27 Christine Cobden-Groothuis
Reiki and Recovery pg 36 Andrea Rae 
& Eileen Wurst
The Science of Reiki pg 44 Nicola Mackay
Creating A Volunteer Reiki Program pg 48 Karen Wise Olander
Living w/Reiki Principles Part IV pg 52 Penelope Quest
What Unites The Reiki World pg 56 Walter Lubeck
Reiki & Nutrition for Optimal Wellness pg 30 Diane Ruth Shewmaker
Reiki Magazine Fall 2005 Fall 2005 Vol 4 Iss 3  
An Interview with Marianne Williamson pg 11 William Lee Rand
Reiki In Prison pg 17 Laurelle Gaia/Michael Baird
Reiki For Children with Special Needs pg 23 Bonnie Hassan
Living Reiki Principles Part 5, 
Do your Work Honestly pg 28
Penelope Quest
Reiki and Angels Walter Luebeck
Aspects Human Energy Field 
and Healing Process pg 43
WLR & Gianna Settin
Multiple Sclerosis, My Healing Journey pg 51 Diana M. Amadeo
Dylan's Story pg 52 Michelle DiLauro
All-Elusive Truth, We are Love, 
We are Reiki pg 55
Mari Hall
Reiki Magazine Winter 2005 Winter 2005 Vol 4 Iss 4  
Reiki and Knitting pg 11 Colleen Benelli
Reiki As Complementary Care pg 19 Amy Z. Rowland
What Is Reiki Energy? Pg 27 William Lee Rand
A Volunteer Reiki Program - 
Getting Started pg 33
Karen Wise Olander
Living W/Reiki Principles Part 6, 
Be Kind to Others pg 37
Penelope Quest
The Resume For Life pg 44 William Lee Rand
Healing Blocks to Health pg 49 Walter Lubeck
The Evolving Nature of Reiki pg 54 William Lee Rand
Reiki and Fibromyalgia/CFIDS pg 56 Lexine Phillips
Reiki Magazine Spring 2006 Spring 2006 Vol 5 Iss 1  
Reiki and Drumming pg 11 Laurelle Gaia Michael Baird
Reiki and Nature Spirits pg 19 Colleen Benelli
Reiki and Animals pg 29 Kathleen Prasad
Animals Love Reiki pg 34 Cheryl Caruolo
Reiki and Painless Childbirth pg 39 Cori Nielsen
Spiritual Guidance and Protection pg 49 William Lee Rand
Reiki and Enlightenment pg 52 Walter Lubeck
The Littlest Reiki Master pg 56 Barbara McKell
Raising Reiki-Conscious Children pg 58 Kathy "Kap" Parra
Reiki Magazine Summer 2006 Summer 2006 Vol 5 Iss 2  
Reiki and the Adventure of My Life pg 11 Mari Hall
Excerpt from the Reiki Ryoho Hikkei pg 18 Hyakuten Inamoto
Reiki and the Power of Love pg 27 Walter Lubeck
Reiki Crystals Healing pg 35 Laurelle Gaia
Reiki and Surgery pg 41 Kathie Lipinski
Excerpt from Intuitive Reiki For Our Times pg 47 Amy Z. Rowland
Using the Power Symbol pg 51 William Lee Rand
Confessions of a Newly-Trained Reiki Healer p55 Ann Turner
What Do You Do When Reiki 
Stops Flowing pg 58
Yvonne Allred
Reiki Magazine Fall 2006 Fall 2006 Vol 5 Iss 3  
Reiki For Happiness and Success pg 11 William Lee Rand
A Doctor Turns to Reiki pg 19 Terry Sanders, MD
Reiki and the Helping Professions: 
Caring for yourself first pg 27
Kathie Lipinski, RN
Reiki and Pregnancy pg 33 Walter Lubeck
Applying Reiki To Our Dreams pg 39 Edward Bonapartian
Learning to Follow My Hands and Heart pg 45 Mari Hall
Mental/Emotional Symbol pg 47 William Lee Rand
Reiki Heals Criticism pg 51 Colleen Benelli
Willie the Reiki Master Cat pg 56 Gianna Settin
Reiki Magazine Winter 2006 Winter 2006 Vol 5 Iss 4  
Create a Thriving Reiki Practice, 
Part I Vision, Intent, Attitude pg 11
William Lee Rand
Secret of Bread Crumb Mountain pg 19 William Lee Rand
We Never Really Fail pg 22 Mari Hall
Reiki and Burning Bowl Ceremony pg 25 Colleen Benelli
Reiki and Aids, Part II, pg 32 Dan Wray
Reiki and Helping Professions Part II pg 37 Kathie Lipinski
Reiki and Palliative Care pg 44 Terri A. Heiman
Reiki In UK Hospitals pg 48 Angie Buxton-King
Reiki at a London Hospital pg 52 Claudia Bonney
Reiki and Somato-emotional Release pg 55 Cate LaBarre
The Distant Symbol pg 58 William Lee Rand
Reiki Magazine Spring 2007 Spring 2007 Volume 6 Iss 1  
How Hawayo Takata Practiced and Taught Reiki pg 10 Marianne Streich
Understanding Byosen Scanning Part 1 pg 22 Arjava Petter
Create a Thriving Reiki Practice Part 2 pg 26 William Lee Rand
Saga of Reiki Fundraiser pg 35 Deborah K. Shields
Reiki Heals Spiritual Resistance pg 39 Colleen Benelli
Reiki and Meditation pg 45 Walter Lubeck
Reiki and Hospice pg 50 Janny E. Adkins
Living with Diabetes The Reiki Way pg 54 Kathie Lipinski
Reiki Magazine Summer 2007 Summer 2007 Volume 6 Iss 2  
Teaching Reiki pg 13 Kathie Lipinski
Reiki Ryoho, Part II, Understanding 
Byosen Scanning pg 19
Frank Arjava Petter
Feng Shui & Reiki pg 27 Walter Lubeck
Communicating w/our Reiki Guides pg 35 Colleen Benelli
Reiki's Birthplace - A Book Review pg 38 Marianne Streich
Being A Hospice Reiki Volunteer pg 42 Deborah K. Shields
Reiki Clinic and Children's Home in Nigeria pg 48 Amy Z. Rowland
Children Giving Reiki pg 54 Kylie Holmes
Reiki and Everyday Living pg 56 Janny E. Adkins
Bless Your Life w/Reiki pg 58 Mari Hall
Reiki Magazine Fall 2007 Fall 2007 Volume 6 Iss 3  
Glastonbury - Ancient Isle of Avalon pg 11 William Lee Rand
Giving Reiki to Horses pg 23 Tom White
Animal Reiki Practitioner Guidelines 
and Code of Ethics pg 24
Kathleen Prasad
Reiki and Gratitude pg 31 Colleen Benelli
Reiki and Hypnosis: Partners in 
Mind-Body Healing pg 37
Amy Z. Rowland
Teaching Reiki, Part II pg 43 Kathie Lipinski
Developing Your Teaching Style pg 47 Kathie Lipinski
Reiki and Asperger's Syndrome pg 52 Sharon Payne
What Makes Reiki Symbols Work? Pg 58 William Lee Rand
Reiki Magazine Winter 2007 Winter 2007 Volume 6 Iss 4  
Living a Meaningful Life pg 11 William Lee Rand
Teaching Reiki to Children
w/Special Needs pg 16
Dodi Sarette
My Reiki Journey with Animals pg 22 Carol Mulrooney
Reiki for Peace pg 31 Amy Z. Rowland
Listen with Reiki pg 37 Colleen Benelli
The Emergence of Reikiman pg 40 William Lee Rand
Healing the Healer pg 47 Tanmaya Honervogt
Understanding Byosen Scanning Part 3 pg 53 Frank Arjava Petter
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