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Issue, Article
Reiki Magazine Spring 2008
Growing Whole With Reiki pg 11
William Lee Rand
Reiki and the Light of Prayer pg 19
Colleen Benelli
Helping Bosnian War Survivors with Reiki pg 26
Amanda Jayne
Reiki Center How Seven Owners
Achieved Success pg 35
Patricia Mahaffey
Teaching Reiki: Part III
Conducting the Class pg 45
Kathie Lipinski
Being a Clear and Open Channel pg 55
Deborah K. Shields
Looking Back and Moving
Forward with Reiki pg 61
Mari Hall
Reiki in a Rural Area The
Challenges and Rewards pg 63
Valerie J. Mann
Reiki Magazine Summer 2008
The Origin of All is Pure Consciousness p29
William Lee Rand
Gardening The Reiki Way p11
Vicki Perkins
Giving Reiki To Trees p19
Michael Allen
Creating A Reiki Ceremony p23
Colleen Benelli
Reiki and Mudra Meditation p32
Greg Westlake
Clearing The Channel p41
Patricia Mahaffey
"No" is a Complete Sentence p 46
Suzanna Drozd-Kowalski
Healthy Boundaries, Healthy Reiki Practice p51
Dawn Fleming
Reiki and Conflict Resolution p55
Susan Bradford,
C Fischer, Croche
Waking Up To The Wonder of Life With Reiki p61
Mari Hall
Magic Hands
Free Reiki Clinics p10
Patricia Mahaffey
Strengthen your Light With Reiki p21
Colleen Benelli
Enhance your Reiki Energy
with a Healthier Diet p27
William Lee Rand
Healing Techniques For Difficult Situations p35
Walter Lubeck
Insurance Reimbursement for Reiki Sessions p43
Jane Van De Velde
Teaching Reiki Effectively p49
Dawn Fleming
Reiki and My Journey through Breast Cancer p53
Ursula Janiga-Price
Magic Hands p59
Mary Beth McDonough
Just for Today, I will be Kind to
People and to Myself p62
Jane Abramovich
Reiki and Awakening to
Divine Consciousness p64
Diane Anderson
Reiki in the Trenches p66
Diana Green
Reiki Magazine Winter 2008
Reiki Care Through Hurricane Ike p10
Mari Hall
Let There Be Peace on Earth p16
William Lee Rand
Reiki Lessons for Life p21
Marita Aicher Swartz
Reiki's Gentle Invitation to Spiritual Pathwork p27
Amy Z. Rowland
Some Very Special Reiki Practitioners p30
Dodi Sarette
Teaching Reiki to Caregivers p35
Judy McCracken
Reiki For Veterans p41
Eileen Dey and
Michael Emanuel
The Birth of a Reiki Healing Chain p45
Sharon Payne
Reiki in Academia p51
Robin Powell
Mandalas, Healing and
Higher Consciousness p55
Janine Wooten
When Reiki Found Me p59
Judi Broyles
Reiki Guides and Angels p61
Carol Mulrooney
Reiki and the Wren p64
Ursula Janiga-Price
Reiki Heals Concussion p66
Terry Sanders
Reiki Magazine Spring 2009
Choosing Compassion p 5
Marianne Streich
Reiki Creates Optimism in Stressful Times p 11
Colleen Benelli
Just for Today I Will Not Worry p 14
Jane Abramowitz
Reiki Kids p 21
Liz Desmarais and
Julie Sheehan
Reiki In A Hospital Setting p 26
Gerard Ham
Developing Reiki Program Maine Medical Ctr p 30
Patricia Keene
Documenting Reiki Sessions p35
Jane Van De Velde
Taking Reiki On the Road p 40
Eileen Dey
Reiki and Twelve Step Recovery p 47
Donna Gaines
Healing The Wounds of Drug Addiction p 50
Claudia Bonney
Five Reiki Lessons From
My Animal Teachers p 53
Kathleen Prasad
Pets Respond to Reiki p 56
Ursula Janiga-Price
What To Do After Class p 60
Kathie Lipinski
Opportunities in 2009 p 64
Mari Hall
Reiki Eases Pain of Loss p 66
Deb Karpek
Reiki Magazine Summer 2009
What Can Reiki Heal? P5
Marianne Streich
Keys to a Successful Reiki Practice p10
Patricia Mahaffey
Reiki and Our Prosperous Earth p19
Colleen Benelli
Reiki and the Secret p26
Maryanne Horne
Everyday Reiki p30
Nancy Barrett and
Sandy Trimble
Family Reiki Times p35
Ursula Janiga-Price
Creating Trust: Reiki with a Feral Kitten p40
Sylvia DeSantis
A Reiki Healing Pillow p45
Marnie Plunkett
Writing Case Reports for Reiki p48
Jane Van De Velde
Response to the Bishops Statement on Reiki p54
William Lee Rand
Takata's Handouts p58
William Lee Rand
My Time with Takata p64
Diana Lynn Siderides
Reiki and Dying p68
Judi Broyles
Reiki Magazine Fall 2009
The Reiki Response p5
Marianne Streich
Gratitude p11
Amy Z. Rowland
A Story of Acceptance and Letting Go p18
Mari Hall
Reiki As a Tool For Self Discovery p24
Deb Karpek
Creating a Successful Reiki Community p27
Kimberly Fleisher
Reiki at the Life with Cancer Family Center p30
Tara Bauman
The Story of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi p36
Marianne Streich
Handmade with Reiki p44
Colleen Benellil
Maui Reiki Center - A Dream Come True p52
William Lee Rand
Reiki Helped Me Learn from Wild Dolphins p56
Veronique Gemar
Volunteering Reiki in an
Animal Shelter Environment p59
Kathleen Prasad
Blessed by Baby Cows p64
Mary Blake
Experiences of a Reiki Therapist p66
Therese Johnson
Reiki Magazine Winter 2009
The Gift p5
Marianne Streich
Reiki Tools Heal Mind Chatter p9
Colleen Benelli
Reiki and Theater p15
Eileen Dey
Center For Reiki Research
and Reiki in Hospitals p22
William Lee Rand
The Rainbow Room p28
Michael Allen
A Humbling Encounter p32
Tom White
What I Have Come to Know p36
Kathie Lipinski
Secrets of a Traveling Reiki Master p40
William Lee Rand
Burn Patient Recovers "Miraculously" p44
Ruth Ann Striegel
& Lynne Pye
Message From A Feather p51
Suzanna Drozd-Kowalksi
Roman, Reiki and Remembering p56
Jodie Brenner
Reiki Magazine Spring 2010
The Best Remedy p5
Marianne Streich
Reiki Clarifies Opinions p9
Colleen Benelli
Living from the Heart of Reiki p15
William Lee Rand
Fearless Reiki, Stepping
Out of the Reiki Closet p21
Laurelle Shanti Gaia
The Courage to Walk Through Doors p24
Conrad Jestmore
Reiki and Your Loving
Connections with Others p30
Sylvia M. DeSantis
Reiki and the Labyrinth p33
Robin Fuerst
A Journey to Happiness
and Spiritual Maturity p40
Christina Bjergo
Starting A Reiki Practice: Business Basics p42
Marianne Streich
Become an Approved Continuing
Education Provider p54
Dawn Fleming
Service Work and Reiki p59
Deb Karpek
Creating a Reiki Circle for Your Community p63
Eileen Dey
Reiki Magazine Summer 2010
Into the Future—and the Past p5
Marianne Streich
Reiki, Life Cycles, and the Four Directions p11
Colleen Benelli
Reiki in the Operating Room with Dr. Mehmet Oz p15
Raven Keyes
Reiki and Medicine p21
William Lee Rand
The Healing Relationship p27
Brenda St Pierre
Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ Four Years Later p32
Cori Nielsen
Conscious Grieving with Karuna Reiki® p41
Paden Cormack
Healing Our Ancestors p47
Laurelle Shanti Gaia
Reiki Myths and Misconceptions p51
Kathie Lipinski
Reiki Meditation p57
Jan Kendall
Reiki and Hector p60
Sioux Strong
Reiki Works Anyway p65
Nan Kratohvil
Reiki Magazine Fall 2010
Enhancing Intuition with Reiji-ho p5
Laurelle Shanti Gaia
There is Always a Higher Way p11
William Lee Rand
Reiki and Power Animals p17
Colleen Benelli
Reiki and the NFL p22
Raven Keyes
Reiki and MS p26
Elyn Selu
Reiki Mental Health Program p31
Kathie Lipinski
The Importance of Forgiveness in Healing p39
Sandy Trimble
Reiki and Pregnancy p45
Amanda Sachs
Reiki and Fertility p49
Dawn Fleming
Reiki and Conscious Change p53
Paden Cormack
Reiki Resources for Veterans p61
Eileen Dey
Reiki and Divorce p65
Terri Heiman
Reiki Magazine Winter 2010
The Amazing Grace of Reiki p11
Colleen Benelli
In the Flow of Grace p15
Natalia Pisetskaya
Don’t Put Reiki in a Box! p16
Bonnie Hassan
Reiki at Ground Zero p18
Raven Keyes
The Reiki Journey: Healing the Healer p21
Dodi Mitchell
The Distant Symbol Heals the Past p27
Deb Karpek
Reiki at University Medical Center p30
Mega R. Mease
My Feline Reiki Teacher p40
Sheryl Schlameuss Berger
Reiki for Pets? Go the Distance p42
Conrad Jestmore
Using Reiki and Tantra to Heal Relationships p47
Keesha Ewers
Creating Sacred Space p54
Laurelle Shanti Gaia
The Healing Peace of Reiki p60
Jacqueline Ramsey
Reiki Blossoms: Using Bach Flower Essences p63
Kisma Reidling
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