Witness to a Miraculous Healing

I have been involved with Reiki for five years now. A small group of us in northern Ontario meet on a regular basis to share Reiki. There have been some amazing healings in the past several years. We are continually working on each other. We are a small group. Often we connect with another group from a community north of us. There is a woman in our group who has had the most amazing healing.

She was scheduled for surgery to have her hemorrhoids removed. I dropped her off at the hospital and wished her well and the next thing I know she was home. With great delight she told me there was nothing there. The doctors were amazed.

Almost a year later, she twisted her back. We called an ambulance. The hospital pumped her up with painkillers and muscle-relaxants and sent her home. She was pretty sore for a week or two and she could hardly move around. The Reiki group was sending healing energies to her and helping her around her cabin. She went to a chiropractor and after X-rays were taken, the chiropractor said if he did not know her he would swear he was looking at an x-ray that belonged to a very healthy 20 year old. So again with much delight she is having some kind of reversal, her body is becoming smaller and all her ailments are disappearing.

After a Shiatsu massage the therapist said she had a body of a physically fit teenager. This is a woman who lives Reiki and everything she does has purpose and meaning. I am a counselor for abused women. I have watched the transformation in this woman over the past few years. I know there will be more to share about this person and her healing journey. I would like to thank all Reiki people for the tremendous amount of energy we flow through us to help make this a better place to be.