Reiki Helps Diabetic

Dear Mr. Rand: I do not know how to thank you adequately for introducing this wonderful method to me and to my members of the family who were skeptical to begin with. You might ask why I am thanking you when you have not met me or talked to me. I belong to your proud lineage having been attuned recently by Reiki Master Somorendra Mukherjee Sharma of Imphal, Manipur, India. Somo is a gem of the rarest species. Sometime ago during a visit to Imphal—a remote northeastern part of India—I fell a victim to severe stomach cramps which no allopathic medicine would cure. It was Somo who by a mere flash of his energetic hands eliminated the problem. Since then he has been persuading me to understand Reiki in all its dimensions He sacrificed his time to come down to Chennai- a distance of about 3000 kms—to induct me to Reiki. I am now a Reiki I and II Channel. Also the power of Reiki was not lost on me. He gave me distant healing during my recent cataract surgery. As a diabetic, my sugar levels were hovering around 250 mg/l despite 20 units of Insulin twice a day. Therefore the surgery had a risk element and the doctors were reluctant to go ahead. The day prior to surgery, however, the sugar dipped to 140 and even when Insulin was discontinued on doctors orders for surgical reasons, the sugar never went above 110 mg/l. I thought it was a remarkable turnaround at a time when I was keen that I should have the surgery done.The surgery was a success. I am now fairly well convinced that Reiki has acted through Somo—my friend, philosopher and guide.

My grateful thanks to Reiki and the Ascended Masters.