Reiki Helps After Surgery

My mother-in-law had knee joint replacement surgery for both knees. Due to a heavy dose of drugs as an accompaniment of this operation she was disoriented and was tortured by hallucinations and nightmares. She asked doctors for sleep-inducing medicine but they declined. She was supposed to keep moving her legs after regular intervals as part of the healing procedure and even to do some leg-raising exercise with the help of her nurse even though it was an agonizing process. So, after giving her Reiki for half an hour with the help of my Reiki teacher and friend I applied Reiki to her room in the hospital. She slept peacefully and the next morning she felt she could do her exercises with less effort and quite a bit of ease. Her recovery quickened with the application of Reiki to her room. I think Reiki not only increased the efficacy of the medication, but it added its healing grace to her quicker recovery.