Reiki Heals Camera

The Spring 2014 issue of Reiki News Magazine has an interesting article: “You Gave Reiki to WHAT?” in which you ask for stories of the use of Reiki for inanimate objects in order to share these types of experiences. Therefore, I am sending this note with the experience I had with my photo camera, not only once but several times now! In fact, I have not yet purchased a new camera because I can still use the one that receives Reiki!

The first time I gave Reiki to my camera was two years ago, when my camera fell down and stopped working. I did not know what to do, so I decided to give it Reiki, using the Distant Symbol and the Power Symbol. A few moments later, it started to work, and I was very surprised and happy, of course.

Then, this year another issue happened, and I couldn't take pictures anymore. The shutter was blocked. So, without any doubt I gave it Reiki again and it started to work normally.

Well, to make the story short, nowadays, although the malfunctioning does not happen very often, each time it stops working I give it Reiki. Probably, one day I should buy a new camera, but for the moment I am happy that I can give this one Reiki and have it re-start to take nice pictures!

As a result of this experience, whenever I have problems with some electrical equipment, I give it Reiki first, and if it continues not working, then I get it repaired or replaced.

It is quite amazing to experience how the Reiki energy works on inanimate objects! It makes me believe in Reiki even more, and be thankful each day for being able to use it!