Reiki Changed My Life

I was very fortunate to have received my I & II attunements from an excellent teacher, Anna Carlson. I am looking forward to receiving my Master's attunements. Mr. Rand's book, The Healing Touch, is something I reference daily. What a wonderful and helpful book. I now perform treatments on my family regularly.

At first I knew I was meant to be a healer, but was not sure what path I should take. After receiving my attunements, I knew this was my calling. My mother was bed-ridden due to a sore hip. She was once very active and taught martial arts. With her extreme hip pain, more time was spent in bed rather than out in her garden. A couple of weeks after receiving my attunements, I treated my mother. After the first treatment, she was surprised to wake up with very little pain. After a couple more treatments, the pain was no more. Her and my father are now enjoying a cruise to Puerto Rico.

I am popular at my office because I have an incredible knack of ridding my coworkers of their headaches and easing stress. Reiki is a very important part of my life now and I love that I am opening people's consciousness to the wonders of this art. Mr. Rand, thank you for your insightful books and I look forward to reading the Reiki Master's Manual one day soon.