Reiki Baby!

The doctor called me after my six week sonogram and said "I’m sorry but I would expect a miscarriage based on the findings of our test." I was devastated. He continued, “For the time being there is a heartbeat but it was very slow.” “Strangely,” he said, "It has a very large nutritional sac." From that statement I knew I had a chance to save my little zygote.

I was already doing regular Reiki treatments on myself from the conception of the pregnancy but now I had a mission and I intensified my concentration. At nine weeks, I was admitted to the hospital for severe dehydration and vomiting. I could not keep anything down and lost 10 lbs in a week. They admitted me to the maternity ward inserted an IV and said maybe you should let this one go.

But I couldn’t let this one go. I had already bonded with this little being and had dreams of a little girl. She had brown curly hair and brown eyes and the cutest face that I ever saw. In my dream she wore a little white dress and white sandals. It was her 1st birthday party and we were playing in the front yard. I picked her up, high above my head and then slowly brought her down to my face so that I could kiss her. It was too late to let this one go.

Then, on June 8, at 8:04 a.m. she entered the world. I was in hard labor for 10 hours. She was exactly like how I saw her in my dream. Against all odds, I believe the constant flow of Reiki, prayer and my love formed her beautiful little soul. We are a little more than one month away from her 1st birthday.