Reiki and Animals

I enjoyed reading the November Reiki story of the Indian woman who Reiki'd a wild bird back to health. I have personally seen Reiki give freedom to two different animals in two entirely different ways.

One day a crow flew into one of our windows and lay on the ground unable to move and breathing very hard. I instantly started to give Reiki asking for the highest good for the animal. After three minutes of Reiki the bird started to move a bit and the heavy breathing looked like it was leveling off. Then the bird suddenly rolled over onto its feet, looked up at me, gave me a chirp and flew away as if nothing had happened.

On another occasion my daughter's pet white mouse had apparently reached the end of its life span. It had developed a tumor near the eye. This poor little mouse was hanging on and hanging on and my daughter was so sad. I was giving Reiki everyday for the healing of this animal. Then one night I thought I should offer the Reiki for the highest good only and not specify healing. Well, I supposed the mouse was holding on perhaps because my daughter was putting out so much desperate energy for it to live.

Once it received the Reiki for its highest good we found the mouse had transitioned during the night. In both cases of the mouse and the crow, Reiki for the highest good is what gave freedom to the animal. I learned a very important lesson with this and now am non-specific when offering Reiki. I offer always and only for the highest good.