Multiple Sclerosis

When I first met Jan, she had been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for the past 10 years. She had spent long periods unable to walk during that time and her sight was often affected. We had done Reiki first degree on a one to one basis back in April and Jan had released a huge amount of emotional energy that she felt was holding her back.

She arrived at her Second Degree workshop along with seven other woman, all of us totally unaware of what was going to happen. It was during the last session that I had planned to end with a good old healing session for each of the students. That's when the Universe took over and we found that the only person left was Jan. We had been working extensively on the Byosen and the location of Hibiki's in the aura, not long into the session, two students remarked that they had found a Hibiki which wasn't moving. Located in the solar plexus, it was quite probable that what they had discovered was actually the energy signature of her MS. I leant down and whispered in her ear "they have found the energy of the MS, what do you want to do?" She was definite in her request to get rid of it. After 40 minutes and 7 healers later and a good old dose of Karuna chanting I witnessed the biggest Hibiki I had ever seen being carried by six students and being sent up to the Universe.

Well that was in July, it's now December and Jan has remained symptom free since that day. Her medication is all but totally finished and she is living life to the full. Needless to say, she's booked in for her third degree.