Morbus Chron

I am a Reiki healer in Denmark so therefore my English is not so good. A friend's daughter is 18 years old. She has been ill since she was four years old. She's suffering with Morbus Chron. It is a disease that attacks the person from the throat through the entire stomach and down to the anus. It is a very serious illness. She has been in the hospital many times for surgery for this condition.

I made a search on to see if anybody had experience with Morbus Chron and Reiki. I only found some German web sites. But I decided to contact my friend to offer my service. I treated the girl at their house because she was a little bit anxious.

When I started the first healing and lay my hand in the first position I felt as if there was a plastic bag over my head and it was very difficult to breathe. I said a little prayer for help, and after two to three minutes I could breath normally again. During the treatment, I saw pictures from a present life, showing me the girl had lived as a princess 250 years ago, and I felt that this was a big honor for me to heal a princess. The rest of the healing went very good. I made a new appointment seven days later.

The second healing was much harder. When I started I felt as if someone was trying to pull my arms away from the girl and I remember saying to myself, "This is too hard for me I cannot fulfill this healing." I got a little afraid about the fact that I was thinking that way. I asked for help from my Reiki guides, Usui and others to get rid of it. There came a light and the two 'spirit men' that made it hard to breathe disappeared. The rest of the healing was without any trouble.

Before the third healing I sent distant healing to 'clean' the house spiritually before I came to heal the girl and this healing was without any trouble. The girl has now had five healings and it's been many years since she's been so healthy. She sleeps eight hours when she goes to bed. She has her appetite again and she has self-confidence in a way she never felt before.

It is my opinion that these two 'spirit persons' who tried to strangle me and tried to pull me away have been tapping her life energy for many years. For such bad spirits or whatever it was, surgery or medicine wouldn't help, only Reiki healing could help her.

Now the whole family, father, mother and grandparents have asked me for healing.

I am very grateful for being a Reiki healer. Since I began on the path there are so many people who ask me for healing. I feel Reiki healing is the strongest force on earth.

May the light, love and power be with you.