Dog's Broken Back and Hip Healed

One evening while reading the paper, I suddenly heard a dog from across the street begin to yelp and howl loudly. I looked up and saw Toots, the neighbor's five-month old black Lab puppy (who was well known for having more energy than sense), lying under their car in the driveway. As I ran over to see what the trouble was, the woman shrieked she had run over the dog. As she ran in the house to get her husband, Toots was lying on the ground and was unable to move anything below her midsection. She was still howling loudly, and was clearly in a lot of pain. As I placed my hands gently on Toots' hip and abdomen, I connected with the Reiki energy and asked Archangel Raphael, the Archangel of Healing, to intervene in this accident and ensure that the angelic kingdoms provide this Reiki energy to Toots for as long as she needed it. I immediately felt a sort of twist in my solar plexus (my way of knowing that my prayer has been heard), followed by a tremendous surge of energy flowing through my forearms and hands. Within a few seconds, Toots stopped howling and began to lick my arms. I took this to mean that she was no longer in pain. As soon as the husband came out, he and their 12-year old son gently lifted Toots onto a blanket and put her in the back of their station wagon for a quick ride to the vet. About two hours later, the boy came over to say that Toots' had been x-rayed and her hips crushed, she had many internal injuries, and she would be kept overnight for observation. She wasn't expected to live through the night.

As I went to bed, I invoked the distant Reiki symbol, created a cocoon of golden energy around Toots, and placed all eight Tera-Mai Reiki symbols in the cocoon to continue working for as long as she required them. When I awoke the next morning, I again invoked the distant Reiki symbol and sent this to her once more. That afternoon, the boy came over to tell me that Toots had somehow lived through the night, and was now able to wag her tail a bit. Toots came home three days later and was walking again, and without any cast or bandages! Sure, she had a pretty bad limp, but she was walking! Two weeks later, she was running and jumping like a normal puppy, and you couldn't tell a bit she had miraculously healed herself of a broken hip and multiple internal injuries, thanks to the help of Reiki and the intervention of the higher dimensions.