Behcet's Disease Healed with Reiki

I had an incurable devastating illness called Behcet's Disease. My symptoms were painful and life shattering including losing my eyesight. Always intuitive I knew there was a reason for my experiencing this 'whole' body illness. I intuitively knew that I would be able to heal myself. I became an ordained minister through studying Teleios Technique with Dr. Jim Cox then I began certification in Reiki. The night of the Reiki I attunement I had a dream about a white light that surrounded my body and entered through the top of my head (crown chakra). This white light renewed and restored every cell in my body. That was November 15, 1996. I have not had a symptom of Behcet's since that day. In fact, I am now 60 but I look younger than I did in 1996. By the way, Behcet’s Disease is described as "No Hope—No Cure".