Young Person's Reiki Story

I don't necessarily have a dramatic story on how I have used Reiki to heal others. Instead I have a story about myself, and how I have come to learn about Reiki. I was only thirteen when I received my first degree in the Usui system of Reiki by a long time friend of mine. It wasn't until I turned sixteen that I received the second degree. I love Reiki and the affects on my life. Because I am so young, going on nineteen, I feel I have "grown" both spiritually and mentally with the world. You hear of the interconnections one shares with all living things. I have had the utmost pleasure spending my adolescence maturing with these feelings of unity. Today I was looking at a baby as his mother held him over her shoulder. It was indescribable the feeling I got as I gazed into his innocent soul. It was like there was a connection, brief, yet seemingly forever. When I send Reiki it often astounds me the feeling of energy filling my life. It seems all too unreal, yet at the same time it is reality! I have yet to tell my friends and the people around me that I was blessed with this wonderful gift. I guess it is my "limiting belief," or so my Reiki master says, that is holding me back. Being so young I don't want to be put into the category of witchcraft, or as my dad says, "Voodoo hoodoo." Needless to say, Reiki is a part of my life and always will be. I love the feeling that I'm almost like a guardian angel, making sure the people around me are well protected.