Vertigo Healed by Reiki

I became an initiate of Reiki January 7, 2003. Prior to this initiation, I had been experiencing vertigo on a daily basis. I had attributed the vertigo to the c-section I had 6 months ago when I had my daughter. The vertigo started when I was in the hospital with her and only slowly lessened up. But when 6 months went by and I was still having vertigo I became worried and started looking for answers. I tried homeopathy, and herbs and to no avail could I find relief. I became frustrated and just gave up. My friend told me about a Reiki training class she was going to and asked if I was interested. Reluctant at first, I said what the heck, I can't lose anything. So we both started and by the time we had the 3rd session I noticed the vertigo was gone. I could dance again. I failed to mention that I do East Indian and African dance and it is extremely frustrating and heartbreaking when your equilibrium is way off. It was so off I could not even pretend not to be dizzy, nor could I dance and that made me very depressed. The morning I realized I was no longer dizzy I turned on Mary J. Blige and did "HipHop" to "No More Drama".

Thank you Reiki.