Time Extension Reiki

Dear William, Thank you for putting out this wonderful newsletter I look forward to each edition. I was introduced to Reiki three years ago and found it to be the most wonderful experience. I was on a retreat for people living with HIV and AIDS and a friend volunteered to give a demonstration and did brief healing sessions for the retreatants. I felt as if someone had given me the greatest gift I had ever received and I was only getting a glimpse of it through the wrapping. I immediately signed up for a full session. Since then I have taken Reiki classes and now have my Master's certificate and am preparing to share this gift with my first student. I still attend HIV/AIDS retreats and offer Reiki to the other attendees. Because I try to give as many sessions to as many people as I can at these retreats I only have about 20 minutes to work on each person. Intuitively I started picturing a clock in my mind with the time and distance symbol on the face and only a minute hand. As I channel energy, the hand of the clock moves about 15 minutes for every five of actual healing, allowing me to channel an hour's worth of energy in a short period of time. As I channel, I periodically send all the symbols into the clock. I have had wonderful results at these retreats and have had nothing but positive feedback from the people I have worked on. I suggest others try this method if they are doing Reiki with a time constraint.