Stopped Smoking

I saw a friend at a party who had smoked cigarettes for 30 years. She was trying to quit, but the pills she was taking to help her were giving her a headache and she was about to leave the party. I felt sorry for her and asked her if she would like to try Reiki. She said she will try anything.

We arranged to get together and give her a Reiki session and she said she had stopped taking the pills. Another friend, Devaki helped me with the session. I did Aura Clearing and then Devaki and I gave Denise hands on Reiki. After the session, I started distance Reiki and kept contact with Denise. After this, she stopped smoking cigarettes.

It has now been four months and Denise hasn’t smoked a cigarette. She is so thrilled and tells everyone about Reiki. Actually she is taking Reiki One now.

Reiki works. Thanks to you God, to all Reiki teachers and Reiki Practitioners and to William.

Reiki Blessings