A Seagull Receives Reiki

I work in downtown Seattle in a very busy attorney's office. I also offer my administrative services to nine additional law firms that occupy our floor. On my way to work one morning, and after parking my car, I glanced over to a seagull that was causing havoc with three lanes of traffic! The poor thing couldn't fly. It kept stretching out its wings, but to no avail could it help itself out of the way of street with oncoming cars and buses that traveled those three lanes. I managed to coax the bird out of the street and onto the sidewalk. I calmly spoke to it and it managed to hop on the steps of a nearby establishment. I hurriedly threw my bags down on the steps and proceeded to speak softly as I confidently approached the seagull. The seagull seemed to be soothed by my voice and allowed me to step closer and then touch it. I performed Reiki on that seagull. I didn't care who was around. All that mattered to me was the fact that this was a living bird and we both breathed the same air. To my surprise, the seagull allowed me to actually pick it up. I spoke to it kindly as its eyes looked into mine. I was amazed at this experience. The seagull flapped its wings and flew out of my arms. It landed on the pavement of the sidewalk and just waddled away. I stood still to watch where it was going. It flapped its wings and flew up, up into the sky and away. I continued to stand still and as I did, I reflected upon what had just happened for the very first time in my life! I am so blessed to have Reiki in my life and I know that I can make a difference for the good in someone's or some bird's life.