Reiki Turns Screams to Smiles

A young mother walked in the front door of our print shop with her three-year-old son. He was screaming at the top of his lungs while she dragged him across the floor. He anchored himself to the floor by the front door and began to scream so loudly that I could scarcely hear what his mother wanted to say. His screaming must not have been a first-time experience because his mom just ignored it. In a few, quick words, I explained Reiki to her and asked if I could send him some.

While she checked her printing, I sat on the floor next to this young boy named Nehemiah and beamed Reiki into the back of his heart chakra (he was lying on his belly) and his crown chakra. Very quickly he stopped crying and screaming, ignored me at his side and asked his mom if he could have a Tootsie Roll from the jar on the front counter.

Instant Reiki resulted in Nehemiah leaving our office all smiles! The lesson for me is “Reiki Works”—so seize every opportunity to use it.