Reiki Stops Rain for Party

I enjoyed the story, “You Gave Reiki to What?” in the Spring 2014 edition of Reiki News Magazine. You asked readers to share experiences. My story isn’t about a well or an elevator but one about the weather and a party.

A couple of years ago my husband’s friend was having his annual summer party in August. August here in Ontario is usually warm and rain-free so it’s usually safe to plan an outdoor party at that time. That particular August was very rainy. The Thursday before the Saturday party, my husband’s friend sent an email asking if anyone had any God-connections to help with the weather—I’m sure he was joking. I told my husband to tell him that I’d send the party some Reiki and that while I couldn’t guarantee the weather, it would do what the party needed. When we got to the party it was raining—there was a tarp over the deck and a tent in the backyard. As soon as the food was cooked on the barbeque and brought out, the rain stopped, the skies cleared up and we had a double-rainbow. After dinner the rain started again. The Reiki did what the party needed. It was uncomfortable but possible to huddle under a tent or tarp with a drink in your hand but not with a plate of food. So what the party needed was for people to be able to eat and that’s what the Reiki did.

I don’t know if Peter ever told his friend about the Reiki being sent but it was a neat experience.