Reiki Saves Poisoned Dog

Four or five years ago I was walking with my dog in the northern hills of Athens in Greece, where I live. When we were returning from our walk, we passed through a large park where my dog Hira found two meatballs on the ground and quickly ate them before I could stop her. By the time we got home, Hira had started to shake and was foaming at the mouth. I immediately took her to the vet. As soon as he examined her, he said to me, “She is near death. Let’s see what we can do about her, but her chances are not very good.” With all the strength of my soul, looking into her eyes, I drew a CKR on all her chakras, to clear out the poisoned meatballs, then did SHK on her. I also got in touch with a Reiki friend to send Reiki to this circumstance. Even though it was clear from the blood she was throwing up that she was almost dead, I held onto my courage and kept doing Reiki on her constantly. I also prayed to Heaven. I spoke to my dog, telling her, “Hira, I want you home. Come home with me, I love you.” After some minutes, Hira threw up the two meatballs. I kept doing Reiki on her, while the doctor gave her injections of anti-poison medicines. While we knew that the meatballs had had some kind of poison in them (we found out later that there was pesticide in them), we saw that the meatballs were also filled with pieces of broken glass. Hira came to her senses quickly; she was completely fine after just two hours in the vet’s office. She was so well so quickly that the doctor told me that he had never had such an experience before—for an animal to be saved from such a strongly poisoned and glass-embedded object. I told him about the Reiki that my friend and I had been giving her. Now he calls me sometimes, and I go there to give Reiki to some animals. After all that we had experienced, my dog Hira and I were able to walk back home that day like none of this had happened—as if it was just a bad dream. I thank God and Usui Reiki. Namaste.