Reiki Saves a Life

In January, my brother became gravely ill with Pancreatitis. He was in intensive care for 18 days and teetered on the edge. I asked him if I could do Reiki treatments and he consented. The first couple of days I gave him two treatments per day. I always experience some kind of spirit vision when I do Reiki. But for three days I didn't "see" anything. Then he took a turn for the worst. His son called me and I rushed to the hospital and began a treatment. Suddenly I saw him surrounded by light beings on either side of his body and behind him was an open door with light pouring from it. I knew he was making his choice to go or stay. Thankfully, he stayed. After this he got better and they stopped most of the medications. He told me that from the first treatment I gave him, even as drugged as they had him, he could feel the energy coursing through his body. He had been skeptical before this incident, but now is a believer in the power of Reiki. He truly believes the treatments were no small contribution in saving his life. I do too!

Sincerely in love and peace,