Reiki Restores Circulation in Diabetic

Recently a 69 year-old male with insulin-dependent diabetes was referred to me for treatment. I learned after some discussion that he had very poor circulation in his feet. In fact he had a toe removed due to an infection that would not heal. He also had an open sore on his left heel that had refused to heal over the previous four months. I gave him a Reiki treatment and as I finished the front of his body and went to his feet I noticed they were extremely cold.

He turned over with assistance and I completed the Reiki treatment on his back. Moving to the feet I drew the power symbol and a couple of Karuna Reiki® symbols on his feet. When I finished I noticed his feet were extremely warm. When he got off the table and his bare feet hit the carpet he exclaimed, "I haven't had any feeling in my feet for a long time, thank you!" After three more treatments, he was excited to report the hole in his left heel had completely healed.