Reiki Miracle Story

We built a new house in 2000. One month after moving in, our daughter was told to think of adopting since fertility pills weren't working. We moved my mother in a few months later. She needed a pacemaker in January of 2001 but was in the hospital a very long time. They said that she had six months to live because of untreatable leukemia.

A week before 9/11 our niece went to Tanzania as an exchange student. She contracted anthrax and was fighting for her life. The thing that broke the camel's back was that our choir director had been let go. I was a wreck.

A friend said that we should go to a class at the local community college and I should focus on something else. Reiki was offered on the same night as choir and so I picked that. The rest, as they say, is history.

We have two lovely grandchildren, and my mother is alive and very well. My niece married the guy who helped to save her life, and they just had their first child.

With each of them I did Level II long distance healing and never even touched them or told them that I was giving them a Reiki session. (However, I did ask for and got permission directly from the Higher Power to send distant Reiki to them.) Would these miracles have happened without Reiki healing? Only a Being greater than ourselves can say that, but I would never want to spend another moment of my life without it.