Reiki Miracle with Cancer

I was treating a client who had cancer and while I was going through some emotional challenges myself at this time, decided to surrender myself and him for healing. As soon as I had I done this, I became aware that Christ was standing at my client's head. I physically saw him with his hands placed on my client's shoulders and felt a tremendous surge of energy. I heard, "he is healed and so are you!"

After grounding my client I could still physically see Christ standing at my client's head. He took longer than normal to 'come around' after the treatment and couldn't understand how I could be standing away from his body. He still felt like he was being touched/healed around his head and shoulders. About a week later I saw him. He had been receiving treatment for cancer and was told by his consultant that his 'healing' was not due to his hospital treatment. I truly believe we both experienced a miracle simply by surrendering to it.