Reiki Helps Scarlet Fever

The first night of my Reiki Level III class I got a call from my husband that our six-year-old daughter was sick — vomiting, with chills and fever. I immediately began sending her a distant Reiki treatment. By the time I got home she was no longer throwing up, but the fever persisted. I gave her a bath after Reikiing the water. I also Reikied her lotion, her room, and her bed. I continued sending her healing throughout the weekend of my training. The next day the fever completely broke, and she was no longer lethargic. I knew that I was in that class for a reason. What I learned that first night allowed me to be a channel for my daughter’s healing. After a trip to the doctor we were told that she had scarlet fever. Her symptoms didn't persist long and her healing came quickly. Reiki helped her body to heal itself.