Reiki Helps Pneumonia and Acute Pancreatitis

On Easter Sunday 2003, my daughter was hospitalized at Alvarado Hospital in the surgical intensive care unit with acute pancreatitis leading to pneumonia followed by a second pneumonia from aspiration. She was on morphine for pain, a respirator, TPN, N/G tube (to keep the stomach empty to prevent further vomiting), and much more. Her doctors had prepared us for the worst saying her condition was serious and could be fatal. If she recovered she was expected to be in the hospital for at least another week to ten days followed by weeks of recovery at home.

I asked Tiffany Snow to do a Reiki treatment (an alternative therapy recognized by the AMA) on my daughter but was told; by hospital staff, I needed to get a doctor's order. The doctor had heard of Reiki and graciously agreed. On the third day in ICU, Tiffany did the Reiki treatment. The nurses showed respect and worked around her schedule to avoid any interruption. Tiffany asked me to stay and pray. In the middle of the treatment that took less than an hour, my daughter felt hot and asked for a fan. The treatment was paused as my daughter ate two bowls of broth and some Jello that she was able to keep down (her first day on liquids). After another 10 minutes of treatment Tiffany said a final silent prayer, smiled and gave us both words of encouragement and said to watch for big changes to occur and left.

That evening, my daughter was tolerating liquids so well they took her N/G tube out (two days earlier then expected). The following day she was transferred out of ICU and discharged home on Sunday after being in the hospital only eight days (four days after the treatment). The doctors were astounded with her speedy recovery and attributed it to her youth. I was told that other patients with the same problem are hospitalized much longer as pancreatitis takes a long time to heal.

I felt it was a miracle my daughter, not only survived, but recovered so quickly. Three days after hospital discharge she went back to school part-time. I am extremely grateful for the powerful healing given to my daughter, the many prayers from family and friends, and the excellent care she received at the hospital. It was a perfect example of Alternative and Western medicine coming together. I have no doubt the healing that came through Tiffany (and as she says from The Big Guy, from God) was powerful and made a difference.