Reiki Helps with Ovarian Cyst

I had a client for massage one night, actually the day after I finished my yoga teacher training. I include this because my energy was very clean due to my training and diet.

Kate came in and said she had spent the night in the emergency room with two ovarian cysts. One had burst and they were hoping the other would burst or they’d have to operate. I told her I could try Reiki. So, I had one hand on each ovary. Within minutes of beginning the session the ovary began to release.

Then the energy was caught in her throat so I had her begin coughing and releasing. Then the pain became excruciating and I had her turn on her side and brought a trash can next her. She also said that from the moment I left, she felt no pain.

She called me the next day after seeing the doctor and the cyst had ruptured that night, and everything was perfectly clear. I found this night to be inspiring and I was grateful to be a channel in it. It makes me have faith in Reiki, more so than I had before that night. I know now that Reiki works how it needs to. It also strengthened me to know that I must end each session with extreme gratitude. I share this with love, and many blessings.