Reiki Helps Hospital Ward

On January 9th, I went into the hospital for retinal surgery. Before the surgery, I did the distant healing on the operating room and the doctor. All through the surgery, I continued with Reiki. The surgery went very well and I was sent back to the recovery ward. When I got to the ward, I found it very tense. This was a 24-hour day ward and up to 60 patients went through in a day with 12 spending the night. There were patients having to wait for surgery and others who were in pain.

I cleared the room with Reiki and then did the distant healing symbol over the entire room and began focusing Reiki on the room. Within a few minutes, everything calmed down. The patients who were waiting for surgery went quickly and the ones in pain calmed. It was very interesting for me to be just out of surgery and feeling the need to help others. I not only felt the need to help but also felt well enough to help. Through the night, every time I woke, I made sure the Reiki was still present. My recovery has been very good but what sticks with me is how Reiki calmed the ward with all the different people. Every night I say thank you for the gift of Reiki.